Alien Sex Fiend
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13th Moon Records

13th Moon Records 
Alien Sex Fiend's record company and management.

Blue Crumb Truck

Blue Crumb Truck 
The official Alien Sex Fiend online store for all CDs, Vinyl LPs, Box Sets, T-shirts, Hoodies, Badges, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers, Nik Fiend artwork and many other fiendish goodies.

1st Call Agency

1st Call Agency
The booking agency for Alien Sex Fiend tours, shows and festival appearances. Booker : Richard Smith.

Nik Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend on Facebook
The official Alien Sex Fiend page on Facebook

Nova Dist

Nova Sales and Distribution
The company that distributes (via Plastic Head Distribution) Alien Sex Fiend records released on the 13th Moon Records label.

Plastic Head Distribution

Plastic Head Distribution
The distribution partner for Nova Sales and Distribution. They now distribute all of Alien Sex Fiend's releases on 13th Moon Records. Note : All Alien Sex Fiend back catalogue released through Anagram/Cherry Red Records is distributed by Proper Music.


ASF Webmaster
If you have a question or if you don't know where to go or who to contact about something, then you can ask me via an email message. If I can't help you myself then at least I can point you in the right direction! ASF Webmaster

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