Alien Sex Fiend DVDs - Edit/Overdose

Edit/Overdose cover Edit/Overdose
  original release
DVD Format:0(region free)

DVD Track Listing 


  1. Wild Women
  2. Get Into It
  3. Manic Depression
  4. Buggin' Me
  5. I’m Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home
  6. Believe It Or Not
  7. In And Out Of My Mind
  8. Ignore The Machine
  9. Hurricane Fighter Plane


  1. April Showers
  2. I Walk The Line
  3. R.I.P.
  4. Boneshaker Baby
  5. Wish I Woz A Dog
  6. Eddies Ghost

Original release date - October 2003
UK - Cherry Red Films (CRDVD33)
DVD Format : 0 (region free)

Alien Sex Fiend - Edit/Overdose DVD Info :
Billed as "an outstanding achievement in bizarre entertainment", "Edit/Overdose" is the first ever DVD to feature one of the Gothic scene’s most enigmatic and enduringly popular bands, Alien Sex Fiend. Emerging from the early 1980’s notorious Batcave, Alien Sex Fiend soon became leaders of the genre, gaining a substantial following both at home and around the world. “Edit / Overdose” combines 2 films which feature a mixture of promo, live and conceptual material. The films were made during the mid-eighties, and include footage from live Fiend shows in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Amongst the 15 tracks featured are the Indie Chart hits “Ignore The Machine”, “R.I.P.”, “I Walk The Line”and “Hurricane Fighter Plane”.

Edit from 1987 includes the promo tracks "Get Into It", "Buggin' Me", "Believe It Or Not" and "Ignore The Machine". The live tracks recorded in the UK during 1986 are "Wild Women" (Glasgow), "Manic Depression" (Glasgow), "I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home" (Liverpool), "In And Out Of My Mind" (Birmingham) and "Hurricane Fighter Plane" (Birmingham).

Overdose from 1988 features the promo tracks "April Showers", "R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)" and "Wish I Woz A Dog", the live UK footage tracks are "I Walk The Line" and "Boneshaker Baby".

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