Alien Sex Fiend DVDs - A Purple Glistener/Liquid Head in Tokyo

Purple Glistener / Liquid Head In Tokyo DVD A Purple Glistener / Liquid Head In Tokyo
  original release
DVD Format:0(region free)

DVD Track Listing 

A Purple Glistener

  1. New Christian Music
  2. R.I.P.
  3. Wild Women
  4. I'm Not Mad
  5. I Am A Product
  6. Lips Can't Go
  7. Drive My Rocket (Up Uranus)
  8. Ignore The Machine

(Please note the track "Lips Can't Go" is not listed on the back of the DVD)

Liquid Head In Tokyo

  1. R.I.P.
  2. Dead And Buried
  3. Back To The Egg (song specially written for the tour)
  4. E.S.T.
  5. Crazee
  6. Hee Haw
  7. Ignore The Machine
  8. In God We Trust

Original release date - August 29th 2005
UK - Cherry Red Films (CRDVD92)
DVD Format : 0 (region free)

Alien Sex Fiend - A Purple Glistener /Liquid Head In Tokyo Info :
Following the success of the "Edit / Overdose" DVD this second DVD release features one of the most enigmatic and enduring bands to emerge from the Gothic genre - Alien Sex Fiend. Emerging from the early 1980’s Punk Goth movement, Alien Sex Fiend soon became leaders of the genre, gaining a substantial following both at home and around the world. "A Purple Glistener / Liquid Head In Tokyo DVD" features two shows capturing the band at their creative early heights. The original "A Purple Glistener" video has been unavailable for some years. It is a classic very early ASF show filmed, mixed & edited totally live as it actually happened on the night in Birmingham during the Fiends UK tour of 1983. Whilst "Liquid Head In Tokyo" features the band live with a full show filmed during their 1985 sell out tour of Japan. The version of "Crazee" lives up to its name with all manner of fiendish mayhem including a view of frontman Nik Fiend's naked rear! (The R.I.P. T-shirt Nik holds up at the end of the DVD is featured on the label art.) Amongst the other tracks included across the two segments are Indie Chart top ten hits “Ignore The Machine”, “R.I.P.”, "Dead And Buried" and "E.S.T.".

Nik Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend

Nik Fiend Sleeve notes : Created from the rotting remains of Glam, Punk and Psychedelic rock ALIEN SEX FIEND were born bleeding and screaming onto the British underground music scene in 1982. Not since the heady days of the late seventies when Lux and Ivy graced UK shores had there been such a demon twinning of evil rock'n'roll spirits. Nik and Mrs Fiend were to help establish the burgeoning Goth scene with its HQ, The Batcave, only to transcend the scene completely and metamorphose into possibly the most uncompromising, shocking and entertaining bands ever. Their debut single on Anagram Records, Ignore The Machine, established them as indie chart favourites and became an instant anthem for kids disillusioned with the increasingly sugary state of the British music charts. ASF’s relentless aural violence has never been equalled, even by the most infamous pretender to the throne, Marilyn Manson.

The two shows included here trace ASF’s early evolution and include some of the most startling live performances of their career. This was beyond rock'n'roll and took showmanship to dizzy heights, combining fever pitch musicianship with a DIY ethic that is at once tasteless and sublime. A Purple Glistener was shot at the Tin Can Club, Birmingham 16/09/1983 and contains most of the material from their debut album, Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain, released the same year. Liquid Head In Tokyo was shot at Tsubaki House, Tokyo 17/01/1985 during their sell out tour of Japan, when the band had fully established credentials as the dark lords of noise rock.

Alien Sex Fiend shows are never short of amazing and for those who did not witness the bizarre hybrid rock outfit in their formative years, this is a fitting document of their live performance. An absolutely must have for their many fans.

All pics taken from the 1985 Japan Tour Programme

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