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Acid Bath LP

1984 original LP release cover

Acid Bath cover

1989 Original CD release cover

Acid Bath re-issue cover

2003 CD re-issue cover

Acid Bath Double Vinyl LP

2015 Double Vinyl LP - showing
gatefold sleeve and coloured vinyl

Acid Bath  
1984 Original Vinyl LP release 
1989 Original CD release
2003 CD re-issue
2015 Re-issue as part of 4 CD Box Set

2015 Double Vinyl LP re-issue NEW

Track Listing  (CD GRAM 18 / CDM GOTH 18 / DLP)

  1. In God We Trust (In Cars You Rust?) 
  2. Dead And Re-Buried 
  3. She's A Killer 
  4. Hee-Haw (Here Come The Bone People) 
  5. Smoke My Bones 
  6. Breakdown And Cry (Lay Down And Die - Goodbye) 
  7. E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon) 
  8. Attack!!!!!! #2 

Bonus Tracks

  1. Boneshaker Baby
  2. I Am A Product (live)
  3. 30 Second Coma
Original release date - November 1984
UK - Anagram Records - LP (GRAM 18) / MC (CGRAM 18)
Original vinyl  LP was without last 3 tracks above, now deleted.
Cassette had longer versions of 2 tracks plus an extra track "Boneshaker Baby" (different to the "E.S.T" single version)
Germany - SPV / Rebel Records - LP (SPV 08-1426)
Japan - VAP Records - LP (35131-25)
Brazil - Discos Continental - LP (LP-3-35-404-007)
All now deleted.

USA - February 1985 - USA - Epitaph LP (ASFLP-2)
The USA vinyl LP was without "Smoke My Bones" but included "Boneshaker Baby" instead and has different versions of "Dead And Buried" and "E.S.T." A lyric sheet was also included.
Now deleted.

CD release - 1989
UK - Anagram Records - CD (CD GRAM 18)
Track listing as above.
Now deleted.

CD release - 1991
Japan - Toys Factory - CD (TFCK-88543)

CD re-issue - February 2003
UK - Anagram Records - CD (CDM GOTH 18)
Track listing as above.
Now deleted.

Re-issue - February 2015
UK - Cherry Red Records - Part of a 4 CD Box Set (CDMGOTH41)
go to "Classic Albums and BBC Sessions Collection" for full track listing.

Double Vinyl LP re-issue - August 2015
UK - Let Them Eat Vinyl - DLP (LETV299LP)
Track listing as above.

Nik Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Acid Bath Album Info :
The riveting lysergic "Acid Bath" is Alien Sex Fiend's second studio album and showed the band moving further into strange and spine tingling song structures. Still a firm fan favourite this classic ASF album originally released in 1984 featured 8 tracks, including the Indie top 10 singles "E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)" and "Dead And Buried" (different version to the single versions, as is "Attack") as well as the massively popular "Hee Haw". The "Acid Bath" album cover has been made famous the world over, due to a character in Tim Burton's film, "Mars Attacks" wearing a T-shirt based on the cover throughout the film. (A similar T-shirt is available from the Blue Crumb Truck online store). The CD version in 1989 added 3 bonus tracks that were not on the original vinyl release, namely live favourite "Boneshaker Baby" (from John Peel session), "I Am A Product" (live from the notorious shows at The Brixton Fridge in London) and "30 Second Coma" (from B-side of the "Lips Can't Go" 12" single). In February 2003 this CD was re-issued with the same tracks on Anagram's new Goth Series Collection. The front cover featured the same central image as the original vinyl and previous CD release with some minor alterations. The spine was altered to a clear, see through version and the CD itself was a picture disc.

February 2015 : This re-issue features the Acid Bath vinyl album as one CD of a 4 CD Box Set entitled Classic Albums and BBC Sessions Collection with additional bonus tracks, including the infamous John Peel BBC sessions (see Trainspotter corner below). The CD has been packaged in a mini-replica of the original LP sleeve.

August 2015 : Deluxe Double Vinyl LP re-issue, Limited Edition, coloured vinyl, one disc in blue vinyl, one disc in orange. Gatefold sleeve.

Trainspotter corner : This was the era of the infamous Alien Sex Fiend appearances on John Peel's Radio 1 sessions, the 2 sessions were so well received that they were later re-broadcast, and these sessions were - for many life long fans - their first introduction to the world of Alien Sex Fiend.

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