Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Liquid Head In Tokyo (Live)

Liquid Head In Tokyo cover Liquid Head In Tokyo (Live)  
1985 Original release
1996 CD Release

CD Track Listing  (all live) 

  1. R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck) 
  2. E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon) 
  3. Dead And Re-Buried 
  4. In God We Trust (In Cars You Rust?) 
  5. Back To The Egg 
  6. Attack!!!!!! #2 
  7. Lips Can't Go 
  8. Wild Women 

CD Bonus Tracks 

  1. Dead And Buried (12" single version) 
  2. Gurl At The End Of My Gun (12" single version) 
  3. New Christian Music (10" single version) 
  4. Wild Women 
Original release date - July 1985
UK -  Anagram Records - LP (MGRAM 22).
Vinyl LP now deleted.
Germany - SPV/Rebel Records - LP (SPV 60-1434)
Japan - Vap Records - LP (VAP 35138-25)

UK - 1996 - Re-issued on CD by Anagram -  CD (CDM GRAM 22) with 4 extra tracks.
CD now deleted.
USA - April 1996 - Re-issued on CD by Cleopatra Records (USA) - CD (CLP 9699) with same 4 bonus tracks as Anagram release, plus "Hee Haw" & "I Wish I Woz A Dog", totalling 14 tracks.

Alien Sex Fiend
ASF backstage in Tokyo 1985

Alien Sex Fiend - Liquid Head In Tokyo (Live) Album Info :
"Liquid Head In Tokyo" was Alien Sex Fiend's first totally live album - live with no overdubs of any kind (unlike many so-called "live" albums!) - and was initially released as a vinyl LP in July 1985. It was recorded over two shows on 17.01.85 at Tsubaki House in Tokyo during Alien Sex Fiend's notorious sell out Japanese tour. The track "Back To The Egg" was specially written for the tour and is not available elsewhere, also included are Indie Chart top ten hits, R.I.P., "Dead And Buried" and "E.S.T.". In 1996 Liquid Head in Tokyo was re-issued on CD in both the UK & the US with the addition of 4 bonus tracks to the original 8 vinyl LP tracks, these were "Dead And Buried" (taken from the 12" single), "Gurl At The End Of My Gun" (from the 12" Ignore The Machine single), "New Christian Music" (10" RIP single version) plus Wild Women.

A video was also recorded during the 2 shows - PAL CRF4 - the Liquid Head In Tokyo Video. In 2005 this video footage was coupled with "A Purple Glistener" video footage from an Alien Sex Fiend show in the UK from 1983 to create A Purple Glistener / Liquid Head In Tokyo DVD.

Trainspotter corner : The title Liquid Head in Tokyo came from the copious amounts of alcohol on the band's rider!

NOTE: Sorry CD & DVD are currently unavailable
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