Alien Sex Fiend Albums - It The Album

It - The Album cover

Original 1986 LP cover

It - The Album  
1986  original release
1990 CD release

2015 CD re-issue as part of 4 CD Box Set

CD Track Listing 

  1. Smells Like... 
  2. Manic Depression 
  3. Believe It Or Not 
  4. April Showers
  5. Wop-Bop 
  6. Get Into It 
  7. Lesson One 
  8. Do It Right 
  9. To Be Continued...

CD Bonus Tracks 

  1. Buggin' Me...
  2. Hurricane Fighter Plane
  3. It Lives Again 
Original release date - October 1986
UK - Plague/Anagram Records - LP (GRAM 26) / Double Play Cassette (CGRAM 26)
Original vinyl LP was without last 3 tracks. Initial quantities included free do-it-yourself Fiendzine poster with lyrics illustrated by Nik Fiend, later pressings had a printed inner sleeve of drawings by The Mob. Now deleted.
Double Play Cassette was without last 3 tracks & was coupled with all of the tracks fom the Maximum Security album. Now deleted.
Germany - SPV / Rebel Records - LP (SPV LP08-1471)
Spain - Ginger Music - LP (GILP 05)
Belgium - Antler Records
All now deleted

CD release - November 1990
UK - Plague/Anagram Records - CD (CD GRAM 26)
Initial quantities included free pull out Alien Sex Fiend poster.
Now deleted.

CD re-issue - February 2015
UK - Cherry Red Records - Part of a 4 CD Box Set (CDMGOTH41)
titled "Classic Albums and BBC Sessions Collection"

Nik Fiend - It?

Alien Sex Fiend - It The Album Info :
Alien Sex Fiend's 4th studio album was originally issued in 1986 as the 9 track "It The Album", and is arguably one of the group's most complete - though still loopy and lopsided - statements. An experimental monsterpiece, the band scaled unearthly peaks of creativity and/or insanity, and the psychedelic overtones of "Manic Depression" and "Get Into It" (a big live favourite) provide a signpost for future development. "It - The Album" also includes the infamous banned Indie Chart Hit single "Smells Like...". The album cover features an original oil painting by Nik Fiend which has now become world famous. For the later CD release in 1990 the 3 single tracks "Buggin' Me", "Hurricane Fighter Plane" and "It Lives Again" were added to create a 12 track monster.

February 2015 : The latest re-issue features the Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain? album as one CD of a 4 CD Box Set entitled Classic Albums and BBC Sessions Collection with additional bonus tracks, including the infamous John Peel BBC sessions. The CD has been packaged in a mini-replica of the original LP sleeve.

Trainspotter corner : During the recording sessions for It -The Album, the studio engineer went missing for a number of days. With all of ASF's equipment and master tapes for the album locked within the studio there was no option but to send out a search team. Nik Fiend & Yaxi duly set off driving around the Shepherd's Bush area of London hoping against hope that even though they didn't have the engineer's home address, they might spot him lurking somewhere. He was found on the street - in his dressing gown & slippers! - obviously suffering from the intensity of the sessions. However after a quick wash & brush up at his home they escorted him back to the studio to ensure he didn't disappear again & the sessions continued..... phew!

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