Alien Sex Fiend Albums - The Impossible Mission Mini-LP 

The Impossible Mission Mini-LP cover

Thanks to Shane
for cover scan

The Impossible Mission Mini-LP (USA only release) 
1987  original release 

LP / Cassette Track Listing 

  1. The Impossible Mission 
  2. It Lives Again 
  3. Hurricane Fighter Plane 
  4. Smells Like... 
  5. Buggin' Me 
  6. My Brain is in the Cupboard - Above the Kitchen Sink 
  7. The Impossible Mission #2 
Original release date - August 1987
US only - Passport /PVC Records - LP (PVC6917) / Cassette.
Both now deleted.

Nik Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - The Impossible Mission Mini-LP Info :
Alien Sex Fiend's "The Impossible Mission Mini-LP" was a special US compilation release of the A and B sides of the 3 ASF singles "Smells Like..."(ANA 32), "Hurricane Fighter Plane" (ANA 33) and "The Impossible Mission" (12 ANA 34). Cover designed by Nik Fiend. Now deleted and no longer available.

NOTE:  CD is deleted and no longer avalaible
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