Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Another Planet 

Another Planet -original cover

Original CD cover

Another Planet CD re-issue

2005 CD re-issue cover

Another Planet 
1988 original release
2005 CD re-issue

2016 Re-issue as part of 4 CD Box Set (Vol 2)

CD Track Listing  (CDM GRAM 38 / CDM GOTH 22)

  1. Bun-Ho! 
  2. Everybody's Dream 
  3. Radiant City 
  4. Spot Your Lucky Warts 
  5. Sample My Sausage 
  6. Outer Limits 
  7. Instant Karma Sutra 
  8. So Much To Do So Little Time 
  9. Alien 
  10. Wild Green Fiendy Liquid 
  11. Nightmare Zone 
  12. Bun-Ho! (Time After Time) 
  13. Another Planet 

CD Bonus Tracks 

  1. Silver Machine
  2. Satisfaction

4 CD Box Set - Extra Bonus Tracks  (CDMGOTH42) 

  1. Haunted House
  2. Everybody's Dream (Demo)
  3. Bun Ho! (Cranium Mix)
  4. Bun Ho! (Time Gentlemen Please)

Note : Tracks are the same but the order (numbering) is slightly different on 4 CD Box Set version

Original release date - November 1988
UK - Anagram Records - LP  (GRAM 38) this was without the additional tracks Silver Machine & Satisfaction / Cassette (C GRAM 38) - includes Satisfaction but not Silver Machine / CD (CD GRAM 38)

CD later re-issued in 1999 as (CDM GRAM 38)
All of the above are now deleted.

Germany - SPV - LP (SPV 65-2888) / CD (SPV  80-2890)
US - Caroline - LP (Carol 1370) / Cassette (MC1370) / CD (CD1370)

CD reissue - February 2005
UK - Anagram Records - CD (CDM GOTH 22)

Re-issue - 24th June 2016
UK - Cherry Red Records - Part of a 4 CD Box Set (CDMGOTH42)
go to "Classic Albums (Volume 2) : 4 CD Box Set" for full track listing.


Alien Sex Fiend - Another Planet Info :
A new course of luscious lunacy was set with the classic "Another Planet", the 6th studio album by Alien Sex Fiend and the first from the duo of Nik and Mrs Fiend. Picking up on the experimental thread of the previous albums and running in new and unexpected directions, the sample based single "Bun Ho!" was one extreme, while at other tangents were the throwaway advertisement of "Wild Green Fiendy Liquid" and the mutant rockabilly of the infamous "Sample My Sausage" (a live favourite featuring giant banana fights between Nik Fiend & Dr F**kface). The "Another Planet" CD features 15 tracks, including cover versions of Hawkwind’s "Silver Machine" and The Rolling Stones’ "Satisfaction" – all performed in Alien Sex Fiend’s own unique Gothic Sci-Fi style. In 2005 due to public demand this classic 1988 album by the goth legends was re-issued and was moved into Anagram Records Goth Series Collection. Although the front & back cover artwork is the same as the original release, the re-issued CD can be distinguished from the original by the additional Goth Collectors Series logo on the front & a clear see through left hand panel with the writing Alien Sex Fiend - Another Planet. Also featured on the re-issue is a Nik Fiend artwork featuring lyrics from the song "Another Planet" on the body of the CD disc itself. Plus the original booklet has been replaced with a 4 page fold out funky picture of Nik Fiend in full fiend colour & the booklet includes an additional artwork which was originally used on the vinyl LP back cover.

June 2016 : This re-issue features the Another Planet album as one CD of a 4 CD Box Set entitled Classic Albums (Volume 2) with all tracks as shown above and including the extra bonus tracks such as the famous Youth produced "Haunted House". The CD has been packaged in a mini-replica of the original LP sleeve.

Trainspotter corner : The song "So Much To Do, So Little Time" was used on the soundtrack to ITV's "How To Be Cool" children's prime time series, in which Nik Fiend appeared acting in the role of "The Graffiti Kid" alongside The Who's Roger Daltry and veteran musician Slim Gaillard.

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