Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Too Much Acid? (Live) 

Too Much Acid? cover Too Much Acid? (Live) 
1989 original release
2001 CD re-issue

CD/LP Track Listing 

  1. It Lives Again 
  2. I Walk The Line 
  3. Nightmare Zone 
  4. Get Into It 
  5. E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon) 
  6. So Much To Do, So Little Time (Bun-Ho!) 
  7. Haunted House 
  8. Smells Like... 
  9. Hurricane Fighter Plane 
  10. Sample My Sausage 
  11. Boneshaker Baby 
Original release date - September 1989
UK - Plague/Anagram Records - Double LP (GRAM 41) in gatefold sleeve / Cassette (C GRAM 41) / CD (CD GRAM 41)
All above now deleted.
Germany - SPV/ Rebel Records - CD (SPV 82-3042 CD)
Recorded live in Europe - Spring 1989

CD re-issue - November 2001
UK - Plague/Anagram Records - CD (CDM GOTH 13)

Nik's banana

Alien Sex Fiend - Too Much Acid? (Live) Album Info :
ďNo matter which of Alien Sex Fiendís orifices you choose to ram your fist into the first thing you find is their heart." NME
"Cramps-style post-punk guitar with electro synths in the Suicide vein, the macabre theatrics of Alice Cooper, white face makeup, enough hairspray to constitute a fire hazard and speed-friendly electronic body music are the order of the day!" Thatís Alien Sex Fiend for you! The popular "Too Much Acid?" album was recorded totally live with no overdubs whatsoever on the bandís 1989 European tour and includes the classics "I Walk The Line", "E.S.T.", "Smells Like" and "Hurricane Fighter Plane". "Too Much Acid?" is a superb quality greatest hits live recording that pays fitting tribute to the power and excitement of a live Alien Sex Fiend show. In November 2001 this CD was re-issued & was  moved into Anagram Records new Goth Series Collection. Although the front & back covers, booklet & disc are the same as the original CD release, the re-issued CD can be distinguished from the original by the additional writing on the now clear front spine which says "TOTALLY LIVE : NO OVERDUBS".

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