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Curse cover

1990 Original Curse CD cover

Curse - mystery cover

1990 the mystery purple cover

Curse CD re-issue cover

2002 Curse CD re-issue

1990 original release
2002 CD re-issue
2016 Re-issue as part of 4 CD Box Set (Vol 2)

CD Track Listing  (CD GRAM46 / CDM GOTH 15)

  1. Katch 22 
    1. you 
    2. along cums reality 
    3. hubble bubble 
    4. goodbye to space 
  2. Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied 
  3. Stress 
  4. Blessings Of  The State (extended mix) 
  5. Eat! Eat! Eat! (An Eye For An Eye) 
  6. Ain't Got Time To Bleed 
  7. Bleeding Reprise
  8. Dali-isms 
  9. Burger Bar Baby 
  10. I Think I 

CD Bonus Tracks

  1. Mad Daddy Drives a U.F.O.
  2. Wuthering Wind
  3. Radio Jimi;
  4. Hands of the Silken
  5. Blessing in Disguise

4 CD Box Set - Extra Bonus Tracks  (CDMGOTH42)

  1. Psych Out Zombie Dub
  2. Curse of The Manic Maxi
  3. BIM (Edit)
Original release date - October 1990
UK - Anagram Records - LP minus last 5 tracks & Bleeding Reprise (GRAM 46) / Cassette (C GRAM 46) / CD (CD GRAM46)
All of above now deleted.
Germany - SPV - CD (SPV 084-30952)
Early German pressings had the cover background in purple instead of green. No-one has yet been able to come up with an explanation for this!
US - Sinclair - CD (SCD1005)
Japan - Toys Factory - CD (TFCK-88542)

CD re-issue - October 2002
UK - Plague/Anagram Records - CD (CDM GOTH 15)

Re-issue - due on 24th June 2016
UK - Cherry Red Records - Part of a 4 CD Box Set (CDMGOTH42)
go to "Classic Albums (Volume 2) : 4 CD Box Set" for full track listing.

Nik and Mrs Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Curse Album Info :
The self-produced, landmark record that is "Curse" was Alien Sex Fiend's 7th studio album. The Fiend's 1990 original "Curse" vinyl LP had 6 bonus tracks added to create the CD version, giving a total of 15 cuts of the group at their most eccentric best. The superb "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied" single with its mutant psycho riffs is included, alongside the four-part epic orchestral "Katch 22" and the deranged "Eat! Eat! Eat!" on what is generally regarded as one of Alien Sex Fiend's strongest studio outings up to this point in their career. The track "Mad Daddy Drives a U.F.O." is a cover version originally written and recorded by The Cramps. In October 2002 this CD was re-issued and was  moved into Anagram Records new Goth Series Collection. The front and back covers, booklet and disc are the same as the original CD release, but the re-issued CD can be distinguished from the original by the addition of a discography to the booklet's lyrics and additional writing on the now clear front spine which says "ALIEN SEX FIEND (in yellow) - CURSE (in red)" on a green background.

June 2016 : This re-issue features the Curse album as one CD of a 4 CD Box Set entitled Classic Albums (Volume 2) with all tracks as shown above, the extra bonus tracks on this re-issue include the awesome "Psych Out Zombie Dub" and the rare megamix "Curse of The Manic Maxi". The CD has been packaged in a mini-replica of the original LP sleeve.

Trainspotter corner : After the initial recording budget was nearly spent on just 3 tracks in outside recording studios, Nik and Mrs Fiend decided to set up their own studio and with engineering assistance from Doc Milton, not only was the Curse album finished but also The Fiends now had the future use of the studio.

NOTE: Sorry original CD now sold out.

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