Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Open Head Surgery 

Open Head Surgery cover Open Head Surgery 
1992  original release
2016 Re-issue as part of 4 CD Box Set (Vol 2)

CD/ LP Track Listing  (GRAM 51 / CD GRAM 51)

  1. Clockwork Banana, Banana-Moon 
  2. Magic 
  3. Class Of  '69 
  4. Alien Sex Fiend 
  5. Coma 
  6. Lickin' Ma Bone 
  7. Stressed Out! 
  8. B-B-Bone Boogie 

4 CD Box Set - Extra Bonus Tracks  (CDMGOTH42)

  1. Comatose - The Ultra Mix
  2. Mrs Fiend Goes To outer Space (Edit)
  3. Magic (Version)
Original release date - March 1992
UK - Anagram Records - LP (GRAM 51) / Cassette (C GRAM 51) / CD (CD GRAM 51)
LP and cassette now deleted.
Germany - SPV / Rebel Records - CD (SPV 084-45272 CD)
US - World of Hurt - CD (WCD 1010)

Re-issue - due on 24th June 2016
UK - Cherry Red Records - Part of a 4 CD Box Set (CDMGOTH42)
go to "Classic Albums (Volume 2) : 4 CD Box Set" for full track listing.

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Alien Sex Fiend - Open Head Surgery Album Info :
Dating from 1992 and including the single "Magic" and the hugely popular epic "Class Of '69", the mysterioso menagerie that is "Open Head Surgery" was Alien Sex Fiend's 8th studio album release for Anagram. Self produced, the 8 tracks perfectly capture the manic sound of the band and show that after a decade they had lost none of the sparkle that made them so unique in the first place. Johnnie Ha Ha the original Alien Sex Fiend drummer returned briefly to play additional drums on "Lickin' Ma Bone", whilst "Clockwork Banana, Banana Moon" and "Magic" both feature guest spots from Paul Fenech of The Meteors on guitar and Claire Hirst (of Belle Stars and David Bowie at Live Aid fame) on saxophone. Includes an 8 page booklet with full song lyrics.

June 2016 : This re-issue features the Open Head Surgery album as one CD of a 4 CD Box Set entitled Classic Albums (Volume 2) with all tracks as shown above and including the extra bonus tracks such as the rare "Comatose The Ultra Mix" and a different version of "Magic". The CD has been packaged in a mini-replica of the original LP sleeve.

Trainspotter corner : The promo video to "Magic" featured film special fx gurus Martin Astles and Martin Mercer from Bob Keen's Image Animation company. They created a monster Egyptian flavoured set bringing the pharoah's tomb to Wales. Hellraiser corpses were brought in for additional decoration and filming culminated in a one-off attempt at blowing up a full-sized replica of Nik Fiend's head in a glass water tank. The resulting explosion was so loud that everyone panicked thinking that the tank had broken and spilled gallons of water all over the very expensive cameras. But no, luck was on ASF's side - phew!

NOTE: Sorry original CD now sold out.

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