Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Drive My Rocket The Collection/Part 1 

Drive My Rocket cover Drive My Rocket The Collection/Part 1 (USA only release) 
1994 original release 

CD Track Listing 

  1. Nightmare Zone 
  2. Drive My Rocket 
  3. Hurricane Fighter Plane 
  4. Isolation 
  5. Stressed Out (Brain Drain Mix)  (exclusive track)
  6. Back To The Egg 
  7. Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied 
  8. Get Into It 
  9. Attack 
  10. Crazier Still 
  11. I Walk The Line 
  12. Depravity Lane 
  13. Sample My Sausage 
Original release date - September 1994
US only - Cleopatra Records - CD (CLEO 94122)
Now deleted.
Features an exclusive mix of "Stressed Out" not available elsewhere.

Nik and Mrs Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Drive My Rocket The Collection/Part 1 Album Info :
Alien Sex Fiend are not only prolific but are also one of the most popular independent alternative bands of our time. With a fan base extending across all musical genres, Alien Sex Fiend transcends musical boundaries. "Drive My Rocket" is the first in a two CD collection documenting this important group and their music, with many tracks appearing here on CD for the first time. "Drive My Rocket" features rare tracks, unreleased material - such as the exclusive "Brain Drain" mix of "Stressed Out" mixed by Nik & Mrs Fiend, as well as the 7" mix version of "Hurricane Fighter Plane". Released solely in the USA. The front cover features a Nik Fiend painting also know as "Jellybean". The track liner notes in the booklet were written by Mrs Fiend. The second CD of the 2 part collection is I'm Her Frankenstein.

NOTE:  CD is deleted and no longer avalaible
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