Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Inferno - The Odyssey Continues 

Inferno cover 
Inferno - The Odyssey Continues 
(Computer Game Soundtrack + Mixes)
  original release

CD Track Listing 

The Good 

  1. Inferno 
  2. Human Installation 
  3. Take Off  Tune 
  4. Space 1 
  5. Happy Tune 
  6. Planet 1 
  7. Human Atmosphere 
  8. Happy Finale 

The Bad 

  1. Alien Installation 
  2. Dramatic Tune 
  3. Moon Toon 
  4. Planet 2 
  5. Bad News 
  6. Space 2 
  7. Alien Atmosphere 
  8. Death Tune 
  9. Sad Finale 

And The Mixes 

  1. Moon Toon (Lunarphases Mix) by ASF & Danny Dawson
  2. Planet 2 (Together's Dreamscape Mix) by Suddi Raval
  3. Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix) by Youth

(Double Vinyl Bonus track) 

  1. Inferno (15 of 20 Mix) by Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) and Otto the Barbarian.
Original release date - November 1994
UK - Anagram Records - DLP (GRAM 80) / CD (CD GRAM 80)
Double vinyl album now deleted.
USA - Cleopatra Records - CD (CLEO 9529)

CD Rom computer game "Inferno" released by Ocean Software.
InfernoASF logo

Alien Sex Fiend - Inferno - The Odyssey Continues Album Info:
Alien Sex Fiend continued it's barrier breaking mission by being the first band to develop & contribute a complete musical score for a CD Rom computer game, "Inferno". Commissioned by computer game world  leaders, Ocean Software, Nik and Mrs Fiend created an album of unrivalled mood and ambience complete with alien dialogue and a planet suite. The unique venture that is the "Inferno" album comprises 17 tracks of the original game soundtrack plus specially created links featuring voices of the characters & sound effects from the game. Not content with this, Alien Sex Fiend took the project a stage further and had special remixes created by Youth and Suddi Raval (Hardcore Uproar) as well as undertaking a mix themselves along with Danny Dawson, all of which are included on the CD album. Over 70 minutes of an incredible journey through the world of "Inferno". The front and back covers and booklet art feature images from the game.

Trainspotter corner: The Alien voices on both the game and album are actually Nik Fiend!

 NOTE:  CD & LP are deleted and no longer avalaible
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