Alien Sex Fiend Albums - I'm Her Frankenstein  The Collection/Part 2 

I'm Her Frankenstein cover I'm Her Frankenstein  The Collection/Part 2 (USA only release) 
1995  original release 

CD Track Listing 

  1. R.I.P. 
  2. I'm Her Frankenstein 
  3. Coma (Time Mix) (exclusive track)
  4. Spies 
  5. Ignore The Machine 
  6. Magic (Pyramid Mix) (exclusive track)
  7. Boots On 
  8. Silver Machine 
  9. Can't Stop Smoking 
  10. Stuff  The Turkey 
  11. Everybody's Dream 
  12. Do You Sleep (Version) 
  13. E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon) 
Original release date - January 1995
US only - Cleopatra Records - CD (CLEO 95082)
Now deleted.
Features 2 exclusive mixes of "Magic" and "Coma" not available elsewhere.

Nik Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - I'm Her Frankenstein  The Collection/Part 2 Album Info :
"I'm Her Frankenstein" is the second half of a 2 CD collection of some of Alien Sex Fiend's finest musical moments blending familiar favourites with a few things that even avid fans hadn't yet heard. (The first CD of the collection being Drive My Rocket). New exclusive mixes of "Magic (Pyramid Mix)" and "Coma (Time Mix)" (from 1992's Open Head Surgery album) mixed by Nik and Mrs Fiend especially for this collection fit right in with songs from 1983's Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? album ("Ignore The Machine", "I'm Her Frankenstein", "R.I.P"). Also note the inclusion of Hawkwind's "Silver Machine" which was first given the Alien Sex Fiend treatment on 1988's Another Planet album. Fiend initiates have found magic in the band's music for more than a decade and it's safe to assume that Alien Sex Fiend hasn't used up all it's tricks yet. Here's to looking forward to another 10 years of surprises. Released solely in the USA. The front cover features a Nik Fiend painting titled "I'm Her Frankenstein". The track liner notes in the booklet were written by Mrs Fiend.

NOTE:  CD is deleted and no longer avalaible
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