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Nocturnal Emissions 
1997  original release

CD/ DLP Track Listing 

  1. Evolution 
  2. On A Mission 
  3. Warp Out 
  4. Big Blue Moon 
  5. Room 101 
  6. Soaking Wet, Mate 
  7. Garbage 
  8. Tarot 
  9. Sticky
Original release date - 10th March 1997
UK - 13th Moon Records - Double Vinyl LP (FULL DLP1301) / CD (FULL CD1301)
First album release on Alien Sex Fiend's own 13th Moon Records.
Distributed by Pinnacle in UK
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg & Italy - SPV - Double Vinyl LP (SPV 008-44781) / CD  (SPV 085-44782)
Poland & Czech Republic - Koch International - CD
US - distributed by Cargo - CD (FULL CD1301)
Canada - distributed by Fusion 3 - CD (FULL CD1301)

NOTE : In the UK, USA & Canada the original CD has now been deleted and a new version
NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS (SPECIAL  EDITION) has been released instead. However the Double Vinyl is still available.

Mrs Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Nocturnal Emissions Album Info :
Surprise is Alien Sex Fiend's hallmark, and the 9 track album "Nocturnal Emissions", the first released on the band's own 13th Moon Records label, is no exception. Far and away their most futuristic effort, yet quintessentially fiendish, "Nocturnal Emissions" flows and feints with a seamless sense of cool. It's a curvaceous cybernetic jamboree, opening with 1996's groundbreaking single "Evolution", a dancefloor juggernaut full of otherworldly blips, bleeps and bastard beats and clearly the obvious precursor to this album's delightful mastery of techno/ambient sorcery. By closing concoction "Sticky" it's clear that the space race is on, the destination: your mind! As always, "Nocturnal Emissions" is only the latest launch pad for this band's ongoing exploration of the new sonic terrain. Evolve or die is the mantra of choice, and Alien Sex Fiend show no signs of extinction. 

Trainspotter corner : The track "Garbage" is ASF's answer back to the band Garbage's B-side of the "Stupid Girl" single where Shirley Manson sings "You're an Alien Sex Fiend"...


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