Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Wardance Of The Alien Sex Fiend  

Wardance of the Alien Sex Fiend cover Wardance Of The Alien Sex Fiend  
1998  original release

CD Track Listing     (Origin Of Version) 


  1. Wardance Of  The Alien Sex Fiend  (Legendary Batcave Tapes)
  2. Drive My Rocket Up Uranus  (Legendary Batcave Tapes) 
  3. Ignore The Machine  (Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain?) 
  4. Wish I Woz a Dog  (Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain?)
  5. Gurl At The End Of  My Gun  (B Side)
  6. In God We Trust  (Acid Bath) 
  7. E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)  (Acid Bath)
  8. In And Out Of My Mind  (1st ASF CD) 
  9. Boneshaker Baby  (1st ASF CD)
  10. Smells Like ...  (It)
  11. Buggin' Me  (It)
  12. The Impossible Mission  (Here Cum Germs)


  1. They All Call Me Crazee  (Here Cum Germs)
  2. I Walk The Line  (All Our Yesterdays)
  3. Can't Stop Smokin'  (B Side)
  4. Another Planet  (Another Planet)
  5. Silver Machine  (Another Planet)
  6. Satisfaction  (Another Planet)
  7. Haunted House (Live)  (Too Much Acid?)
  8. Ain't Got Time To Bleed  (Curse)
  9. Alien Sex Fiend  (Open Head Surgery)
  10. Lickin' Ma Bone  (Open Head Surgery)
  11. Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied (Live)  (Altered States Of America)
  12. Inferno  (Inferno)
Original release date - 9th February 1998
UK -  Snapper - Double CD (SMD CD 133)
Germany -  Intercord  & distributed by Edel

Includes 12 page colour booklet with complete discography, including videos and a biography.

Mrs Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Wardance Of The Alien Sex Fiend Album Info :
"The Wardance Of The Alien Sex Fiend" is a very comprehensive "Best Of" type compilation, which was released as a Double CD in the UK by the Snapper label. With its 24 tracks it covers ASF's career from 1982 up to 1994 with at least one track from almost every Alien Sex Fiend Anagram Records released back catalogue album. Included here are early '82 demos such as "Drive My Rocket Up Uranus" from The Legendary Batcave Tapes CD , live tracks like "Haunted House" from the Too Much Acid? album, recorded live in Europe in '89, through to 94's Inferno taken from the CD Rom computer game soundtrack album of the same name. All in all "The Wardance Of The Alien Sex Fiend" is an excellent and interesting alternative journey through Alien Sex Fiend's multi-faceted musical output.

... ASF were a primal virus that proved totally infectious... No-one caught the essence of literal craziness so beautifully, and the grafting of stillness and unbridled deterioration was something to take the breath away... Mick Mercer, Gothic Rock

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