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The Batcave Masters cover The Batcave Masters (USA only release)
   original release 

CD Track Listing    (Origin Of Track

  1. Alien Sex Fiend -  (Another Planet LP)
  2. Wish I Woz A Dog -  (Who's Been Sleeping LP)
  3. The Gurl at The End Of My Gun  -  (Ignore single B-side)
  4. Here Cum Germs -  (Here Cum Germs LP)
  5. Ain't Got Time To Bleed -  (Curse LP)
  6. Another Planet -  (Another Planet LP)
  7. She's A Killer -  (Acid Bath LP)
  8. Lip's Can't Go -  (Who's Been Sleeping LP)
  9. Here She Comes -  (I Walk The Line EP)
  10. Alien -  (Another Planet LP)
  11. Mine's Full Of Maggots -  (Maximum Security LP)
  12. I Think I... -  (Curse LP)
  13. My Brain Is In The Cupboard -Above The Kitchen Sink - (Here Cum Germs LP)
  14. Do It Right -  (It LP)
  15. Batman Theme -  (Dynamic Duo 12" single)
Original release date - April 1998
US - Cleopatra Records - CD (CLP 0232-2)
USA only compilation. No longer available.
Booklet features a brief biography.

Nik Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - The Batcave Masters Album Info :
Released in the USA only, "The Batcave Masters" is a CD compilation of 15 back catalogue Alien Sex Fiend tracks - a kind of alternative best of collection - with songs across Alien Sex Fiend's career up to 1990. "The Batcave Masters" includes a track from ASF's very first single "Gurl At The End Of My Gun" from 1983 up to and including "Ain't Got Time To Bleed and "I Think I" from the Curse LP from 1990. Also included is the rare "Batman Theme", taken from the Dynamic Duo 12" single of 1988. The cover is similar to that for the Acid Bath album but turned sideways, so don't get confused between the 2 CDs - they are different releases!

NOTE:  CD is deleted and no longer avalaible
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