Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Fiend At The Controls Vol 1+2 

Fiend At The Controls cvover  Fiend At The Controls Vol 1+2 
1999  original release

Double CD Track Listing (Origin of track)

Disc 1 

  1. R.I.P. (New Dub Truck) - 1984 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  2. I'm Doing Time (Version) - 1985 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  3. Smells Like ... (Shit Mix #1) - 1986 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  4. Nik Fiend Radio Interview In Finland - 1985 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  5. Ignore The Machine (Special Electrode Mix) - 1985 Deleted
  6. Ain't Got Time To Bleed (Alternate Mix) - 1990 Unreleased Wiz mix - Exclusive
  7. Everybody's Dream (Demo) - 1986 Unreleased - Exclusive - Original demo
  8. They All Call Me Crazee (Edit) - 1987 Deleted
  9. In And Out Of My Mind (Version / Edit) - 1985 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  10. Haunted House (Dub) - 1989 Deleted - 1st time on CD album
  11. Curse Of The Manic Maxi - 1990 Unreleased - Exclusive
  12. Manic Depresssion (Dub Mix) - 1986 Unreleased - Exclusive
  13. It Lives Again (Demo) - 1986 Unreleased - Exclusive - Original demo
  14. Dead And Buried (Demo) - 1984 Unreleased - Exclusive - Original demo 

Disc 2

  1. Under The Thunder (Ignore The Dub) - 1983 Deleted - 1st time on CD album
  2. Comatose (The Ultra Mix) - 1992 Deleted - 1st time on CD album
  3. Toytown Mix - 1983 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  4. B.I.M. (Edit) - 1990 Deleted - 1st time on CD album
  5. On A Mission (Version) - 1997 Unreleased - Exclusive
  6. Tron-Bone - 1987 Unreleased - Exclusive
  7. Mrs Fiend Goes To Outer Space (Edit) - 1992 Deleted
  8. Psyche Out Zombie Dub - 1990 Deleted - 1st time on CD album
  9. Hurricane Fighter Dub - 1987 Deleted - 1st time on CD
  10. Inferno (Darker Side Mix) - 1994 Youth remix - 1st time on CD
  11. Evolution (Thee Industrial Evolutiom #4) - 1996 Pod remix -1st time on CD
  12. Tarot (Fiend At The Controls 'Seven' Edit Mix) - 1998 1st time on CD  
Original release date - 24th May 1999
UK - Anagram Records with some tracks licensed from ASF's own 13th Moon Records - CD (CD GRAM 120)
USA - 7th September 1999 - Cleopatra Records - CD (CLP 0703-2)
Other countries - distributors :
Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Rough Trade
France - Tripsichord
Spain, Portugal - Contrasena
Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg - Suburban
Italy - Wide
Greece - Hitch Hyke

Alien Sex Fiend - Fiend At The Controls Vol 1+2 Album Info :
"Alien Sex Fiend were always as mad as monkeys in their approach to this Goth lark. And happily the passing years have done nothing to diminish their quirkiness. A treat." Record Collector

The "Fiend At The Controls" 26 track double CD is a truly unique journey through Alien Sex Fiend's career from 1982 up to 1998. In some ways this compilation acts as an alternative Best Of collection with its wide range of currently unavailable deleted B-sides and rarities. Includes previously unreleased Alien Sex Fiend tracks such as "Tron-Bone", alternative mixes like the long lost gem of the alternative "Manic Depression" mix and unheard original demos such as "Dead And Buried" from 1984. Almost all of the tracks are currently unavailable elsewhere, most tracks are appearing for the very first time on CD format and many are exclusive tracks to this collection. Compiled by Nik and Mrs Fiend aka "Fiend At The Controls", songs are interspersed with parts of interviews and special collages totalling over 2 hours 20 mins playing time. Booklet includes Nik Fiend artwork plus notes on the tracks and their origin, all of which makes "Fiend At The Controls" a must have for any fan.

A REVIEW : Inspired by their latest DJ/remix incarnation as Fiend At The Controls, Alien Sex Fiend have taken a new look at some of the cobwebbed ghosts lurking within their archives, resulting in their latest, greatest collection. 2-CD monsterwork "Fiend At The Controls Volume 1 & 2" is ripe with the unavailable, the unreleased, and most importantly, the unexpected! Offering 26 tormented tracks of classic Fiendish hijinx, many out-of-print and now impossible to find in any format, "F.A.T.C" meanders wonderfully like a radio program beamed from the outer rings of Saturn. Touching on all eras and elements of the band, it spins a cyber-spiderweb that allows no rest, wickedly slipping from one dizzying remix (the devious dub of "Manic Depression") to another (the thunderous rococo rhythm of "Ain't Got Time to Bleed"), interspersed with a sardonic smorgasbord of demos (the original "Dead And Buried"), previously-unreleased lab experiments such as the superbly spectral "Tron-Bone", and utterly bonkers bits (interview snippets, bizarre collages... even strange noises from their spellbound audiences). Unearthed from the cryonic vaults, seminal psychotic b-sides (classic "Hurricane Fighter Dub", frenetic "They All Call Me Crazee", munchkins-in-hell miasma of "Toytown Mix", and aptly titled "Mrs Fiend Goes to Outer Space") are like sonic landmines---still perfectly dangerous and able to blow your mind at will. Each track bleeds into the next, inducing a hyper-stimulated sense of opulent overload in the lucky listener---almost more Fiend than the mortal mind can encompass. Generously spread over two potent discs, "Fiend At The Controls" illustrates the band's lovely chaos as well as their creative longevity and continuity--tracks as far apart in time as 1984's "R.I.P. (New Dub Truck)" and 1992's "Comatose (The Ultra Mix)" show clear genetic affinities. Greg Fasolino

NOTE:  CD is deleted and no longer avalaible
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