Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Flashbacks!(Live 1995-98) 

Flashbacks! (Live 1995-98) cover  . Flashbacks! (Live 1995-98) 
2001  original release

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  1. Hurricane Fighter Plane      8.08 - Zillo Festival, Russelsheim, Germany '95
  2. I Walk the Line      9.30 - Capitol Ballroom, Washington DC, USA  '98
  3. E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon)      8.30 - Capitol Ballroom, Washington DC, USA  '98
  4. On A Mission      11.30 - Dracfest, Whitby, UK  '97
  5. In And Out Of My Mind      5.00 - Babylon, Munich, Germany  '97
  6. Get Into It      8.00 - Dracfest, Whitby, UK  '97
  7. Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied      12.00 - Firedance II, Rock City, Nottingham, UK  '97
  8. Garbage      7.30 - Firedance II, Rock City, Nottingham, UK  '97 
Original release date - September 24th 2001.
UK - Almafame Ltd (Licensed from 13th Moon Records) - CD (YEAAH 52)
Distributor in Germany - EFA
Distributor in US - Navarre
CD back panel and 8 page booklet feature fantastic collages of photos from UK, Germany and US shows.

Nik Fiend
Photo ©1998  Jason Graham

Alien Sex Fiend - Flashbacks! (Live 1995-98) Album Info :
WARNING! WARNING! Faint-hearted and closed-minded BEWARE!  The "Flashbacks" album charts the triumphant return of those visionaries of time, space and sound - Alien Sex Fiend - to the live arena with a pumped up, stripped down, audio assault. "Flashbacks" features both blasts from the past and visions of the future from a selection of their recent live extravaganzas, kicking off in 1995 at the Zillo Festival, Germany, in front of 10,000 fans, and culminating in their "Halloween Blitz" tour of the USA in '98.  Nik Fiend : "We'd played a number of different festivals, tours and shows all round the world, and we had some corking live versions of songs recorded, so we felt that a new live album was long overdue!!! Also, each live album captures the band at a particular period in time, so they help plot our history."  Mrs Fiend : "Live versions of our songs are always different to the studio album versions and 'cos we improvise a lot on stage every time we play a song it's different. We're carried away along with the audience so basically anything can happen - and it usually does!"  So here's your chance to sample the live Alien Sex Fiend experience - "Flashbacks" is the REAL thing, as it actually happened, no overdubs, absolutely LIVE.



The first live fiend album since 1993's acclaimed Altered States Of America finds Mr and Mrs Fiend and their gang on top form. Alien Sex Fiend have always had a rather unique, larger than life, comic book industrial goth sound and these live recordings collected together between 1995 and 98 capture it just right. Musical visionaries, Nik Fiend has always been more confrontational and capable of out Rottening the likes of Mr Lydon than most. Marilyn Manson would kill to be this good - get into it, sorted, Jim'll fix it, just a little bit, kiss it, he's a geezer.... 

Far too creative to be labelled mere industrial goths, Alien Sex Fiend are right up there with the very best groundbreaking landmark bands like Hawkwind, Killing Joke and Public Image with their locked on white noise electro pulse and throbbing deep space rock that's ever evolving, ever droning, ever confronting in it's own understated way. This album has been put together with the complete co-operation of Nik Fiend and company judging by his sleeve notes - this is no cheapskate label cashing in with some second rate cowboy live album that the band don't approve of, it's the real deal - an excellent live album from one of the very best bands out there. 

You get right-out-on-the-edge versions of Hurricane Fighter Plane, EST, Garbage and more. There's a real atmosphere, it tastes of all your favourite free festival/counter culture encounters, you can taste the atmosphere smouldering out of the speakers, the real sound of the ever evolving, ever real, ever rewarding underground. This is a treat.... He's a football hooligan, a gothic Shaun Ryder, a psychic television... give me that honking revving bastard bass drum. 

Long live those Fiends, they're sounding better than ever.


Nik Fiend 
Nik Fiend prepares to launch the giant banana    

Mrs Fiend
Mrs Fiend at Infest 1998
(Photos by Mikey)


   NOTE:  CD is deleted and no longer avalaible
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