Fan Comments on Information Overload by Alien Sex Fiend



It's brilliant!!!!!!!! It was really a LONG time, but WELL worth the wait!!! I am playing it constantly, my neighbours already hate me! :-) thank you for giving me these tunes! - Robert, Germany

...a fine specimen of a new album indeed! you are still making tunes for us to get on down to the local crypt and have a good old rave from the grave, with the new album there is a shining light in this mad world, long may you both keep going !.- Tez, UK

NOW THIS IS ASF!!!! The Alien Sex Fiend I've been waiting for! This is awesome. - Mac, USA

I am listening to the new album again and it's becoming better and better every time!! Classic stuff galore!!! - Robert, Germany

It's excellent stuff. - Stefan, UK

"Gotta Have It" is my current favourite but each time I listen I get a different feel for the album. Right now I'd say it was the best album since Maximum Security.  Maximum volume and set the Gothic Equaliser just right with Bass Boost to gain the fullest effect! This is an album for both old fans and new ear'oles! - Andy, UK

It is unbelievable.... MINDBLOWING !!!! YOU ARE BACK with all that it ever meant to be fiendish, the synths, the samples. the artwork, the voice, the insanity &.... can't stop listening to it - something I was expecting for soooooo long.... GOTTA HAVE IT ... make it mine .. - Andy, Germany

On the first hearing : great!!! back to the basics with modern methods!!! you're still unbeatable, unique - and one of the very few bands that's still got PERSONALITY! - Ecki, Germany

- it's mighty powerful. My dog went crazy so there's definitely some subliminal frequencies in there. Lord Of Thee Sexual Matrix is the best song title I've heard for a long time, even if it's not a song. You're one step closer to world domination - Croc, UK

Information Overload - It is  SENSATIONAL. - Isabel, Spain

Got it today! a blast!!! ASF back to their fucking rotten roots! Any rotten bastard like me should buy this one. And I haven't yet mentioned the extraordinary artwork!!!!! Thanks Nik and Mrs. cheers, - Gianfranco, UK

I think Another Planet & Curse are both essential listening to really appreciate how the Fiends arrived at the special place that is Information Overload and if you haven't got THAT yet - then what are you doing wasting your time here?! - Paul, UK

This album continues to dominate my CD player (when the wifeís out!) and on my work computer (when the rest have gone home!). It's keeping The Darkness, Best of REM, The Strokes and The White Stripes CDs gathering dust. Best of all I have been propelled to best ever performances in recent cross-country races (e.g. 27th in London Championships) with Five to One and Gotta Have It playing in my head.... Well worth the wait. - Andy, UK

"Information Overload" will surely tickle any fan's fancy...and some other regions as well. Tune in and drop this disc in your player fast, ASF is back and still running with scissors and big bananas in the acid mad-house crowd! thanks for kicking out the great music!!!! Sean - USA

Information Overload rocks big time, for me the best album since Acid Bath - Steve, UK

Itís fucking awesome! Absolutely fucking awesome!!! Nice one guys. - ten out of ten! Maximum points for this! - Gerald, UK

Information Overload is F*cking brilliant work, thanks for a job well done!   Now I have yet another Alien Sex Fiend album to terrify my neighbors with! Cheers! Scott, USA

Haaaaaalloo!!!!!!!! The new Album is so much Fiendish!!! We will see you on Tour!!!!!! Greetings from Bernhard, Germany

Actually I think that this is the best album you've ever done. - Paul, UK

I was lucky enough to score the new album. "Outstanding" I kind of hate to say it because I like all of their material, but this is reminiscent of old ASF. Along the lines of Maximum Security. Great samples. Great Job Guys - David, USA

This is an A.S.F cd, not only an Alien Sex Fiend cd, but an "Amazing, Super, Fantastic cd"!!! - Ira, Brazil