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Forging forward from where Anagram Records' retrospective "The Best Of Alien Sex Fiend" collection concludes, the release of compilation sampler "Para-Abnormal" celebrates the terrorific ten year anniversary of Alien Sex Fiend's own 13th Moon Records label. It is ripe with the unavailable, the unreleased, and most importantly, the unexpected! Offering 10 tormented tracks spanning all singles and albums issued since the label's fiendish foundation in 1996, Nik and Mrs Fiend - true to their ever-unconventional form - substitute a number of cuts with formerly unreleased treasures from their vault. Thus "Para-Abnormal" presents an alternative overview of the band's more recent output and serves as a tempting taster of what Alien Sex Fiend have achieved over this past decade.

5 tracks are appearing on CD for the first time, of which 4 are previously unreleased mixes, exclusive to this compilation. For instance, "Baby" from the "Information Overload" album is represented by the stripped down bare bones of "Baby (Demo)" with the duo executing a White Stripes, and the "Hellfire Dub Mix" of "On A Mission" replaces the "Nocturnal Emissions" album version. Other exclusives include the superbly spectral "Voices In My Head (Mrs Fiend's InstruMental Mix)", a perfect stereo panorama, with ghostly chorales haunting every sonic step, whilst a mad rush to "rape and pillage in the global village" characterises the "Information Overload (ReVamp Mix)".

"Evolution", the first release on 13th Moon back in 1996 and ASF's biggest selling single to date, is denoted by the "Back From The Dread Part 2 Mix", a dancefloor juggernaut of otherworldy blips, bleeps and bastard beats. A further 3 tracks are of previous limited availability, such as the rare "Gotta Have It (Sliced And Diced Mix)" an intense distorted gunshot Dancehall rhythm overlaid with all the punk attitude which The Fiends have held dear to their devious hearts since their seminal Batcave days and "Tarot (Full Tilt #5 Mix)" which inflicts diabolical damage and raises the intensity level before the ensuing "Pod Dub" drops down into a Public Image style Death Disco. Finally, completing this collection are two live versions taken from the "Flashbacks (Live 1995-1998)" album - "On A Mission (Live at Dracfest '97)" and "Garbage (Live at Firedance II '97)". With no overdubs whatsoever, this is the REAL thing with quirky in-between song banter from Nik & the Mrs, you can taste the atmosphere smouldering from the speakers, the frenzied fiend fans, the noise, the chaos and the humour are all captured here.

With a low recommended retail price and over 70 minutes' playing time, "Para-Abnormal" provides real VFM - Value For Mutants!

Additional track information is within the CD booklet.

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