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Death Trip CD

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Limited Edition
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Death Trip LP

Only 666 (!!!) Hand-numbered
by Nik Fiend himself

"But that's nothing compared with the manic nightmare that is Alien Sex Fiend... I doubt, in fact, that I've ever heard anything uglier in the name of music - a cult following seems assured." Colin Irwin, Melody Maker, September 1982

Prophetic words indeed... Having emerged from the sweaty environs of London's notorious "Batcave" club in the early 1980s, the legendary Alien Sex Fiend -- the uncompromising and progressive musical organism -- is now celebrating its 28th year. Led by veteran visionaries of space, time and sound, the beautifully bizarre duo of frontman Nik Fiend (that voice, crazed theatrics and inimitable art) and Mrs Fiend (crunching beats, keys and assorted noises), the band has continually and consistently forged new, unorthodox musical terrain. In 2010 Alien Sex Fiend persist on this mission, introducing yet another amalgamation of style, beat and discord on their 13th studio album, "Death Trip" (release date May 3rd) and taking its explosive live extravaganza into an unsuspecting Europe for a select number of headline festivals and shows.

"Death Trip", the newest fiendish masterpiece - recorded in "Hallucinosound," with the warning "To prevent Brain Explosion, listen to this record from a safe distance" - is presented by Alien Sex Fiend's own 13th Moon Records on CD, Limited Edition 12-inch vinyl, and by download at iTunes, Napster and others. The first studio album released by the band in six years, it is self-written, self-produced and self-financed - truly and totally independent. The vinyl is strictly limited to 666 (!!!) copies, hand numbered by Nik Fiend personally; both formats feature original artwork throughout.

Travelling through a diverse sonic spectrum, each of its ten tracks connects to the next, forming a sci-fi / horror / B-Movie themed journey, the "Death Trip". From the opening track "Erazerdrone," the listener embarks on a voyage into uncharted realms of sound and sanity. After exploring the zombie-encrusted ground of "Land Of The Living Dead," the brain is invaded by the surging "One Way Ticket," a twist on old skool 80s Fiend, before a phase of fun-time terror with "The Hills Have Eyes." "B.B.F.C." and its punk-styled pounding gives way to the industrial force and supernatural acid guitar of "Dance Of The Dead" via "Intensify The Treatment" - a nightmarish scenario. "Voodoo" hypnotises with its cutting-edge rhythms and otherworldly realms are to be discovered on "Beyond A Psychic Evil" before the crescendo of closing track and soon-to-be-classic "Oops! Wrong Planet" triumphantly ends the expedition. The Death Trip is complete.

Alien Sex Fiend's infamous live shows are must-be-seen events and Europe was the first to witness the latest re-incarnation this summer. Further dates are to follow in September (Germany), culminating in a Halloween spectacular in London on October 31st 2010.
A ghoulish spider-webbed stage set, comprising mutilated mannequins, assorted severed body parts, skulls, bones and garbage cans, acts as the backdrop. With Mrs Fiend's analogue armada of twisted and mutated sounds driving the spontaneous, insane antics of ringleader, Nik Fiend - expect the unexpected! The gruesome twosome will be aided and abetted by the mysterious Gonzo, long-term ally and henchman on wig-city guitar. Fifth on the list of artists with the most independent single chart entries, Alien Sex Fiend will be blasting out songs spanning their entire career. From early hits like "R.I.P.", "I Walk The Line" and the classic "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied", through to flashes to the future with one or two tasters from "Death Trip," the hair raising Alien Sex Fiend Live Experience is a total audio visual assault.


- interviews & reviews

There are a load of features / articles / interviews / reviews out about the release of the new Alien Sex Fiend album "Death Trip" in the press worldwide, on the web & also radio plays. This is a brief listing, if you know of any others please email me - ASF Webmaster

Look out for
Elegy & D-side magazines in France
Sonic Seducer, Gothic Magazine, Fatal Underground, Westzeit, nachtaktiv, Orkus in Germany,
Ritual Magazine in Italy
Creepy Insight in Portugal
Dominion/Terrorizer in UK
Music Artery, Mutant Monster Magazine in the US

Plus the following websites

The Quietus An excellent interview with Nik & Mrs Fiend by Nix Lowrey, which covers some Batcave memories, what it's like being married & being in a band together plus some laughs & insights into the Death Trip album.
Gothic International
Dark Entries
Gothic Festival Belgium site
Freq Music
Reflections Of Darkness
Dark Essence Radio
Podcast featuring an interview with Nik & Mrs Fiend by Josh Guinan for this radio station in Australia.
A great review (in German) of the Death Trip album by Ulf Kubanke, .. "a most magnificent painting full of toxic paints and ominous essences... in Alien Sex Fiend's own unique style, & somewhere between a lava lamp & a meat grinder!"
Record Collector
The Christmas 2010 issue #383 of this UK print magazine included a Kris Needs review of Death Trip, declaring it to be "monstrously enjoyable", "with added X-rated factor" & Alien Sex Fiend as "a national treasure" (see review in full)
Mick Mercer review "Pure classic Sex Fiend! ...itís the best record theyíve made since the 80ís"

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