Alien Sex Fiend Singles - Batman Theme

Batman Theme 12 single Batman Theme 12" Single
original release

Track Listing
A side - Batman Theme (Where Are Batman And Robin?)
   plus - Batman Theme (Utility Bop)
B side - Batman Theme (Gotham Gothic) (Eggstacy)
       a) - it don't phaze me (tut! tut! mix)
       b) - a riddle a day keeps the congas at bay
       c) - to the batcave (cat scratch mix)

Original release date - June 1988
UK - Anagram/Riddler Records - 12" single (12 ANA 42)

Alien Sex Fiend - Batman Theme 12" Single Info: 
This version of the 1960's "Batman" T.V. theme is not strictly an "Alien Sex Fiend" record, but more of a side project. Recorded, played and mixed by Nik Fiend along with DJ Len "The Wizz" Davies masquerading as The Dynamic Duo just before Christmas 1987. The 5 resulting mixes were released in 1988 on Riddler Records through Anagram Records as a 12" single, it also features Mrs Fiend on vocals. Now deleted.

STUDIO ALBUM - Not released on any album until The Batcave Masters (US) compilation

Above single release is now deleted and is no longer available.
Some tracks are available on the accompanying studio album CD, some on various Compilation CDs or as Downloads

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