Alien Sex Fiend Singles - Bun Ho!

Bun Ho! 12 single Bun Ho! 12" Single
original release

Track Listing
A side - Bun Ho! (Cranium Mix)
B side - Silver Machine
   plus - Satisfaction
   plus - Bun Ho! (Time Gentlemen Please)

Original release date - October 1988
UK - Anagram/Plague Records - 12" single (12 ANA 45)

Alien Sex Fiend - Bun Ho! 12" Single Info: 
Produced by Alien Sex Fiend. Issued as a 12" single to herald the release of the "Another Planet" studio album. Although the track "Bun Ho!" also appears on "Another Planet" - these are different versions. This single also features 2 cover versions - "Silver Machine" which was originally recorded by Hawkwind and "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones. The sleeve artwork is by Nik Fiend. This was the first single from Alien Sex Fiend as the duo of Nik & Mrs Fiend, guitarist Yaxi having left in the April. Now deleted.

STUDIO ALBUM - Another Planet (different version)

Above single release is now deleted and is no longer available.
Some tracks are available on the accompanying studio album CD, some on various Compilation CDs or as Downloads
Most tracks are currently available on the Classic Albums (Volume 2) : 4 CD Box Set

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