Alien Sex Fiend Singles - Box Set

Al;ien Sex Fiend Box set

Box Set
original release

Contents Of Box Set
1. 12" Ignore the Machine (Special Electrode Mix) single on white vinyl from 1985 (12 SANA 11)
2. 10" R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck) single from 1984 (10 ANA 18)
3. 11" E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon) single from 1984. The world's ONLY 11" record! (11 ANA 25)
4. 12" Smells Like... single on brown vinyl from 1986. With the banned cover! (12 ANA 32)
5. 12" Stuff the Turkey Christmas single on seasonal (!) green vinyl from 1987 (12 ANA 40)

Also included -
- An exclusive large full colour poster of Nik Fiend onstage, photo by Patrick Gilbert
- A unique T-Shirt designed by Nik Fiend
- A Special Edition Fiendzine by Alien Sex Fiend themselves, includes discography
and finally -
- A "Smells Like..." unique plastic turd !! (Each one was slightly different - just as in real life!)

Original release date - 1990
UK - Windsong International - Box Set of 5 Singles (Windsong 02)
Distirbution by Pinnacle (UK) / SPV (Germany) / Important (USA) / Capote (Spain)

Alien Sex Fiend Box Set  Single Info: 
This Limited Edition Box Set was released in 1990, all boxes were numbered. Note that the 11" E.S.T single is in a regular cardboard sleeve instead of the original plastic one. The box cover artwork is by Nik Fiend. Now deleted and all Box Sets are now sold out.

Now deleted and no longer available
Most of the tracks from the 1st four Singles are on the Classic Albums and BBC Sessions : 4 CD Box Set,
most of the tracks from the 5th and last Single are on the Classic Albums (Volume 2) : 4 CD Box Set

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