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Inferno The Youth Mixes 12 single

Inferno - The Youth Mixes 12" Single
original release

Track Listing
A side - Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix)
B side - Inferno (Off The Scale Mix)

Original release date - July 1994
UK - MFF/Anagram Records - 12" single (MFF007)

Alien Sex Fiend - Inferno - The Youth Mixes 12" Single Info : 
This was a limited edition 12" only release on the MFF label through Anagram Records. It was issued some months before the "Inferno" soundtrack album (released in November 1994) & the "Inferno" CD single (see below - released in March 1995) which followed. Both mixes of the title track "Inferno" are by Youth & were produced by Youth. The "Off The Scale" mix does not appear on the soundtrack album. Now deleted.

Inferno CD single

Inferno - The Mixes CD Single
original release

Track Listing
1. Inferno (Vocal Radio Edit)
2. Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix) by Youth
3. Inferno (Off The Scale Mix) by Youth
4. Planet 2 (Ultimate Escape Mix) by Suddi Raval
5. Echoes

Original release date - March 1995
UK - Anagram Records - CD single (CD ANA 56)

Alien Sex Fiend - Inferno CD Single Info :
Only one mix - "Oscar Madness" mix appears on the "Inferno" soundtrack album which was released some months before this CD single in November 1994. Tracks 1, 2 & 3 were produced by ASF & mixed by Youth. Track 4 was produced by ASF & Suddi Raval & mixed by Suddi Raval. Track 5 is a cover version of the Pink Floyd song, produced by ASF. For anyone familiar with the original version of "Echoes" (which occupies an entire side of Pink Floyd's Meddle album) - don't panic! - ASF's version is a lot shorter, clocking in at 7 minutes 40 seconds & features the debut appearance of guitarist Dave "Gonzo" Dearnaley. By including this track (taken from the Floyd tribute CD "A Saucerful Of Pink" released by Cleopatra USA) the "Inferno" CD single's running time was well over 40 minutes. Now deleted.


All above single releases are now deleted and are no longer available.
Some tracks are available on the accompanying studio album, some on various Compilation CDs or as Downloads

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