Alien Sex Fiend Singles - On A Mission

On A Mission 12 single

On A Mission Remixes 12" Single
original release

Track Listing
A side - Funki Sex Magick (Girl Eats Boy remix)
    plus - Day Glow Babes In Neon Shades (Girl Eats Boy remix)
B side - Aquatic Dubster (A.S.F. remix)
    plus - My Perception Of (Pod remix)

Original release date - 18th August 1997
UK - 13th Moon Records - 12" single (FULL T002R)
13th Moon is Alien Sex Fiend's own label
Distributed by Pinnacle

Alien Sex Fiend - On A Mission 12" Single Info :
Kicking off proceedings,"Girl Eats Boy" dirty beat master Lol Hammond (Slab/Drum Club) gets busy on the knobs and delivers 2 block rocking remixes of the track "On A Mission" to stir up even the most lethargic floor. The "Aquatic Dubster" mix was created by Alien Sex Fiend themselves during the "Nocturnal Emissions" / "Nocturnal Emissions (Special Edition)" album recording sessions and is heavy on the smoking vibes for late night chills. Finally, "Pod" is Mat Rowlands who worked on the album and has released solo work on the Sabrettes label. He has also remixed tracks for Two Lone Swordsmen (Andrew Weatherall) and worked with System 7, Laurent Garnier, Youth and Pete Peacefrog. Here he delivers a beautiful slice of deepness to complete the package. None of these mixes appear on either of the "Nocturnal Emissions" albums. Produced by ASF

STUDIO ALBUM - Nocturnal Emissions and Nocturnal Emissions (Special Edition)

Above single release is now deleted and is no longer available
Some tracks are available on the accompanying studio album, some on various Compilation CDs or as Downloads

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