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Tarot 12 single

Tarot Remixes 12" Single
original release

Track Listing
A side - Tarot (Fiend At The Controls "Seven" Mix)
B side - Tarot (Fiend At The Controls "No. 6" Mix)
    plus - Tarot (Pod Dub Mix)

Original release date - 26th October 1998
UK - 13th Moon Records - 12" single (FULL T003R)
13th Moon is Alien Sex Fiend's own label
Distributed by Pinnacle

Alien Sex Fiend - Tarot 12" Single Info :
Produced by ASF, this hammering 12" has 3 new previously unreleased exclusive mixes (not on the album) of the track "Tarot" from the album "Nocturnal Emissions" / "Nocturnal Emissioms (Special Edition)". Oh ho just you wait to hear this! The "Fiend At The Controls" mixes (by Nik & Mrs Fiend themselves) are a-banging & a-slamming with rampant pulses, slashing guitars, huge beats and crazed Nik Fiend vocals. Believe me by the time you hit the 3rd track, the Pod dub, you will definitely be in need of a lie down! "Tarot" was voted No.1 favourite album track by database card returns from you lot out there and has become a firm live favourite. The sleeve features full Nik Fiend artwork including illustrated lyrics to "Tarot" on the back of the sleeve. You will notice that the sleeve feels "furry" as it has been printed on furry cardboard! It's a bit like the original "Maximum Security" single & album sleeves in fact. Buy it & wig out!

tarot review

You just can't keep a good band down and ASF are proving just that! Hold onto your hats everyone. The Fiend At The Controls "Seven" mix is an immediate toe-tapper and a dance floor favourite-to-be. All you fans of hi-beat stuff really should get this, plus ASF fans who successfully made the transition to the 90s along with this band. Beware - this can cause bleeding earholes if accidentally played on 45rpm! It sure surprised the hell out of the cat. And if that wasn't enough to give you disturbed dreams there are 2 other versions on the B-side. First the "No.6" mix has a hint of Ignore The Machine in its embryonic development. This one's almost boppy - wow! They almost sound like two different songs, which is great, cos sometimes I feel well ripped off by a 12" that's full of so-called remixes, only to find I have up to 4 versions of the same damned song! Now for the Pod Dub mix. Very much like the later Killing Joke remixes (like "Another Cult Goes Down"). One thing you can always say about ASF is that they give Value For Money! Excellent stuff - you must have this. So go buy.
Thanks to Siobhan of Transient Deviant zine for this review. Contact: Mirage at Akasha Inc, 99 Van Dyke St, Toxteth, Liverpool L8 0RS

STUDIO ALBUM - Nocturnal Emissions and Nocturnal Emissions (Special Edition)

Above single release is now deleted and is no longer available
Some tracks are available on the accompanying studio album, some on various Compilation CDs or as Downloads

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