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"Skulls, bemused ghouls and recurring nightmares. Combine the three and you have the genesis of Alien Sex Fiend as well as the art of its singer, Nik Fiend..." - The Boston Phoenix

International selling artist, Nik Fiend, has never been to art school and has, therefore, never been formally educated about the graphic specifics of creating art. Perhaps this lack of technical adaptation is why Nik's paintings and drawings are of paramount originality and expressive imagination. Says Nik, "My art is a form of self discovery." 

Using oils, watercolours, paper collages, acrylics, indian ink, felt pens, airbrushes, ultra violet paints and anything else he can get his hands on, Nik experiments with colour and textures to create his mind-expanding masterpieces. The tools of Nik's work range from his hands to palette knives, matchsticks or simply blobbing paint tubes on a picture, "I like to challenge what is considered acceptable," Nik comments, "When I started to work with oils the first thing I read in an art book was 'Do not use black', so of course I ran out and got a load of black paint!" 

Nor is Nik and Mrs Fiend's home safe from Nik's creativity. Mrs Fiend recalls "Within 24 hours of getting back from a tour of Japan, I walked into our lounge bleary eyed with jet lag to be confronted by a 10 foot high mural of a psychedelic geisha girl! Everywhere we've ever lived has had at least one wall, if not entire rooms, covered in large paintings, maybe Nik thinks he's a caveman!"


Studio mural


Series of photos showing murals in Fiend's Brixton home
Photo credit : The Wolfman

It - The Painting

It - The Painting

Nik's first oil painting and the cover of an Alien Sex Fiend album, both entitled "It", was shown as part of the "Disc Cover the Art of the Record Sleeve" exhibition at The City Of  Edinburgh Art Gallery in 1986/1987, followed by the "78 33 CD" art exhibition at the Mid-Pennine Arts Association in Burnley, Lancashire and later at the "Best of Record Sleeve Design" exhibition at Olympia in Earl's Court, London.

(Due to size restrictions an album cover sometimes cannot feature the entire original artwork.)

Nik Fiend in BostonBoston poster

Boston 1990 - Nik Fiend and poster from the event

The first Nik Fiend solo-exhibition -- which featured more than 25 original works of art, spanning the years 1982-90, and including titles such as "Dead Quiff in an Atmospheric Aquarium", "Land Of Milk And Honey", "Frontal Lobotomy" and "Mr. Tree" alongside examples of his extensive record cover art -- took place in 1990 at an unusual venue, a music club, Ground Zero, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA to widespread critical acclaim.

In response to the success of Nik's American exhibit, a second solo exhibition was organized later that year at UK music venue, The Powerhaus, Islington, in London with the additional attraction of a painting created live on-stage by Nik in front of the audience.

"Anything like art or poetry... has become the province of a certain clique of intellectuals who've taken it away from everybody else and said "You won't understand this, we're gonna put it in this gallery", so if you bring it here (music venue) it makes it relevant." - Joolz

"Also, because so many people are familiar with the fact  that I create all of the Alien Sex Fiend album covers, and these were basically music fans, exhibiting at a music venue seemed like a natural progression - and you can have a beer!" Nik continues, "In a way I do the same thing with my artwork that I do with Alien Sex Fiend, I like to challenge and extend the conventional ways of doing things." 

"The paintings remind me of the crazed illuminations you might find in the local psychiatric ward" - Deadline

Action Painting

Gawn Fishin', Nik the artist in action, London 1990
A special event at this exhibition, Nik paints whilst the audience looks on.

1990 ticket

Ticket from Diary Of A Lunatic, London 1990

A painting in progress

This concept was taken a stage further during Alien Sex Fiend's "Open Head Surgery" tour of  the USA in the summer of 1992, when Nik Fiend art exhibitions were included as part of the band's live shows in New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

La Flyer

Flyer from Los Angeles exhibition


Nik And Mrs Fiend at
The Limelight, NYC

I'm Her Frankenstein

The results of  later work using airbrush techniques can be seen in the specially commissioned album covers of  the "Drive My Rocket" (also known as "Jellybean") and "I'm Her Frankenstein" USA compilations, though  the original paintings from 1994 are larger (see the full sized "I'm Her Frankenstein" artwork in the bottom right hand corner of the photo below).
Nik has experimented with the use of ultra violet paints, as in "Nippleodeon", and with sculpture, "Five Little Things". Both of these were exhibited along with other works in 1996 at The Sussex Arts Club in Brighton, UK, the event achieving coverage in The Times. Once again, not content with simply hanging his paintings from the walls, the entire exhibition area was decorated for the occasion and included some of the spider webbing as used in the band's live show. Nik recalls "One of the best things that night was a guy who'd had rather too much to drink; he walked into the exhibition and promptly passed out on the floor! He was obviously out for the duration so I made him part of the exhibition. I created a sign with "Bloke Asleep" written on it  and so he became living art for that one evening".

Part Of Brighton Exhibition - 1996 
Clockwise from top "Jellybean",
"Is Frank There?",
"I'm Her Frankenstein"
(note full size of original)
and "Dummy On A Dustbin" 
Photo Credit : Sandra Jochim

Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head
Artwork from the 2004 studio album "Information Overload"

Death Trip Vinyl LP

Death Trip Vinyl LP album cover (2010)
Adapted from a work in acrylic featuring real nails
hammered into the top of the head

In following years with the advent of Alien Sex Fiend's own web site -- numerous pages of which incorporate Nik's art -- and its artist-specific "Gallery" pages, many more fans of all things fiendish were given access to Nik Fiend's diverse art outside the realm of the record covers. Nik says "Via the internet I can now make works available for everyone, world-wide to see, it's a more immediate method of exhibition". Further, the advent of the Alien Sex Fiend online store, Blue Crumb Truck, has increasingly enabled fans around the globe to purchase or commission original works. Whilst a more recent store addition, "The Fiend Collection", is intended to showcase select Nik Fiend artworks on items such as T-shirts.

Throughout the last two decades Nik has continued exploring the realms of computer art, both through works created entirely in the digital realm and also by the manipulation of photographs, drawings and paintings. "It hasn't replaced any of the other methods that I use, I still paint and draw as I always have, it's simply an additional form of creativity" he says. Examples of these creations have been printed in the band's own magazines, the "Fiendzines, and on the covers & booklets of various Alien Sex Fiend releases including the powerful "Information Overload" album (2004), and 2006's "Para-Abnormal" sampler, which marked the tenth anniversary of the band's own 13th Moon Records label.

2010 saw a new fiendish masterpiece in the making with the recording of a new Alien Sex Fiend studio album entitled Death Trip plus extensive accompanying Nik Fiend artwork on both the CD & Vinyl LP formats. Nik comments "For me, my music and my art go hand in hand. I often listen back to mixes while I am working on images for the record and this time I have been creating some animations for video as well. So my music & art will be even more closely linked."

Over the years Nik's art has featured in innumerable magazines, both in print and on-line, as well as in books -- worthy of particular note is the German-published coffee table book (2010) "Schillerndes Dunkel", a superbly illustrated reference book of dark culture containing a number of full page Nik Fiend works.

Most recently, in 2013, the original artwork for the "Here Cum Germs" album sleeve was chosen for the "Art Of Judge Dredd" (of 2000AD comic fame) exhibition in Scunthorpe, North Lincs, U.K.

By far, Nik Fiend must be commended for continually and consistently forging new frontiers through the uncompromising yet progressive nature of his band, Alien Sex Fiend, and for continuing his ideology breaking barriers in the art world through his individualistic approach to both creation and exhibition.

"These pieces could stand alone in any gallery" - Alternative Press 
Written by Chryste Hall
(updated by Liz Howell)

Burn by Nik Fiend

Drawing / digitally manipulated image
- featured in the book "Schillerndes Dunkel"

All Artwork Copyright © Nik Fiend

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