Nik Fiend

Photo : Kamil Milewski

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Friday November 23rd 2007
Saturday November 24th 2007

Thank you to everyone who sent photos in.

Mrs Fiend writes ... Well we reckon we could write a book about this little (ahem) jaunt to Poland & Germany & when anyone who fancies being "in a band" reads it & then STILL wants to do it - well it would stand 'em in good stead! First off our luvverly SaT NAv system had a freak out - & the full moon hadn't even turned up at that point!! Not good... - & the bloody thing sent us off on a diversion into deepest darkest (yes it WAS night time) southern Germany - which would have been alright if we'd intended to go sightseeing but we needed to go EAST not f'ing SOUTH... so fast forward to 10 hours later.. we have almost got back to where we started from... phone call from the German promoter asking where we are & at what time we think we'll reach the hotel he's booked... when we tell him we've just passed Dortmund - he sez "what the hell are you doing down there" to which I reply - don't ask - it's a long story!..... let this be a lesson to you all NEVER EVER trust a Sat Nav - double check it with a map... yes there were maps in the front of the bus but everyone assumed that the Sat Nav knew wot it woz doing.... ha bloody ha.... & I haven't even mentioned the "fun" we had at the Polish border at 7.30am.... I need a lie down before I can bring myself to re-live THAT particular day's events.... more laterrrrr...

Left- Mrs Fiend - The Boneshaker Babeeeee! Photo : Batmarc

ASF - Gdynia Flyer

Mrs Fiend

All Photos : Kamil Milewski

Friday November 23rd 2007

A big thank you to promoter Krzysztof & all of our loyal fans in Poland, it was great to FINALLY get to play a show there after so many years.... Nik and Mrs Fiend

Gazeta Wyborcza (the biggest local newspaper) - a review.
For non-Polish speakers - the reviewer wrote a lot about the great atmosphere, the image of Nik Fiend & the throwing of skulls and bones into the audience. Also the design of the stage, and that fans had been waiting for so long to see their favourite band. ASF played all their well known songs from the past.

Teraz Rock - January 2008 - a review.
Machina - January 2008 issue - an interview with Alien Sex Fiend by Michal Polanski.

Oooooh that feels SO good!

Photos : I.H.D.E.

Saturday November 24th 2007

After Poland it was onto Berlin, met up with a host of old f(r)iends, thanks to Wolfie for looking after us, what a show - sold out, the audience singing along to "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied" (in tune AND in time! Well done you lot!) was amazing, we were about to hit the curfew but just had time for one more song, so we launched into "Boneshaker Baby" with duelling guitars, which we hadn't played since 1991... Thank you to all of the fans who travelled to the shows to see us... it's a trip we will never forget! .... Nik and Mrs Fiend

Nik Fiend

5-4-3-2-1-FIRE!!! Photo : Mike Menzel

Nik Fiend

Photo : Florian Reischauer

ASF - Berlin Flyer

And for my next trick - Hands Free Drinking!!
Photo : Mike Menzel

Thanks to Willem for the review, Andy 456 for the translation from German & Batmarc for the photo.

Alien Sex Fiend, the legendary band that established the word "Batcave" gave a magnificent show after a ten year break since their last visit to Berlin. In comparison to the relics of the post punk era that have recently emerged from their graves, such as Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend did not deliver a boring "oldies" show. In fact, such a thing would be impossible with Alien Sex Fiend, almost no other band Breakfast In Berlinis as inspired as The Fiends for experimental avantgardism. ASF have always been ahead of their time, and all these years later even their older songs, such as those from the 1984 period, still remain experimental, artistic, psychedelic and weird. Furthermore, they do not play the songs exactly as we know them from the albums, but instead they create a new blend or mix, so that at every Alien Sex Fiend concert, every time, each song is made over anew. How far and psychotic their songs can become can be gauged by listening to their live CD "Flashbacks" and when also seen in the flesh in concert, ASF songs are given an additional theatrical touch courtesy of their highly entertaining stage show.

Nik Fiend spins bones, skulls and sex dolls around in a spooky batcave stage set. He sings (in EAST Berlin) “Cos everybody wants what everybody's got , And everybody's got what everybody wants” and throws a giant inflatable banana into the audience (Andy 456 remarks: I now remember that bananas were very rare in the east of Germany in former this has added poignance in Berlin.). Hits like "I Walk The Line" are played differently, the band deal with the topic and recreate it again and again, via hand made electronic music with a sawing guitar. Nik is like an alien voodoo priest who you totally believe in when he sings the words 'Now I'm feeling zombiefied' - and he also zombiefies the attentive audience, pulling them into an alternative world of psychotic madness. For sure, only Alien Sex Fiend could cover a song like "Hurricane Fighter Plane" in its true spirit. The original song was recorded by The Red Crayola along with the Familiar Ugly during a wild studio session on LSD for the album "The Parable Of Arable Land". Familiar Ugly was a 50 man freak gang & by making sounds with whatever was available including the striking of matches & cranking motorcycles, they underpinned the coolest psychedelic soundtrack ever, complete with apocalyptic, sawing acid guitar. The tracks were strikingly listed as 'A Free Form Freak-Out' on that album and it is one of the holy grails of the Acid Hippie Weirdo Culture - it is exactly this spirit that Alien Sex Fiend used to have and showed that they still do have on the 24th of November in Berlin's Postbahnhof - a Free Form, Freak-Out - just as completely mad and no less vivid as the last time I experienced them back in the 1980s.

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