Nik Fiend

Photo : Per-Ake Warn

live in
KNUST, HAMBURG - 22nd September
FORUM, BIELEFELD - 23rd September
K17, BERLIN - 24th September
MATRIX, BOCHUM - 25th September
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Alien Sex Fiend in Bochum

In Bochum

Mrs Fiend's space station

A bird's eye view of Mrs Fiend's space station...

Nik Fiend

In Hamburg

The songs & encores varied each night from this list :
Smells Like...
Manic Depression
Dance Of The Dead
Coma / Comatose
Gotta Have It
Dead And Buried
Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied
I Walk The Line
In And Out Of My Mind
One Way Ticket
Bun-Ho! (So Much To Do)
Seconds To Nowhere
Hurricane Fighter Plane
Ignore The Machine
Boneshaker Baby

German tour poster (in German) (in English)
Mr. and Mrs.Fiend, masters of manic techno-punk, celebrated the charms of the paranormal.
Hissing. Eccentric. Theatrical. Screaming, singing, writhing....
in the background a zombie-like rock-guitar (Gonzo) incarnated in psychedelic delirium, which merged with the electronic fantasies of Mrs.Fiend and worked as an acoustic hallucinogen....
Nik's Nosferatu-adapted, batcave-deformed shape...
more than two hours of the Fiendshow....
a rabid Pogo within the audience....

Nik Fiend

You talking to ME??????!!!!!!

Dusty Bin

Mr Fiend aka The Walking Human Dustbin

Nik Fiend

Kick out the jams muthaf***er!

Nik feels hungry

Nik Fiend grabs a quick snack

Reflections Of Darkness (in English)
Alien Sex Fiend's cult status is partly due to their very unique style of music, but also to their absolutely freaky and manic live shows, which have a brilliance which is disappearing in today’s live circuit.

Nik Fiend - a skinny zombie wandering up and down with one hell of a charisma... the disquieting ‘Manic Depression’.... The audience at this point had already completely lost their minds to the hypnotizing and compelling performance.... When you were thinking the mood was on a peak you were taught better with following ‘I Walk The Line’, where the moshing took on extreme forms....‘So Much To Do So Little Time / Bun-Ho!’ impressed with the cunning sampling... Mrs Fiend left her place behind the analogue synths to play guitar on ‘Boneshaker Baby’ ...

That was the end…wasn't it? It wasn’t - the closing chapter ‘B.B.F.C’ became an ecstatic celebration and after the show you were asking yourself what had happened here... I’d call it a fabulous, creepy, wicked party with a band that hopefully will be with us for a long time to come. Not many of this calibre are left.

Nik Fiend

Nik with a severed foot in one hand & a skull in the other -
sounds like a Fiend show!

Mrs Fiend

Mrs Fiend at Warp Factor Nine


Gonzo orbiting Pluto

Nik Fiend in Hamburg

Nik uses his antennae to pick up transmissions from beyond

Alien Sex Fiend

An audience-eye view (in German)
Alien Sex Fiend has lost none of its fascination, which made the concert an unforgettable experience for the audience. Old classics such as "Ignore The Machine" or "I Walk The Line" had the masses raging in total ecstasy.

Terrorverlag (in German)
The well-filled (Bielefeld) Forum, received the trio enthusiastically & the audience immediately began to celebrate the band.... like a "Best of" Show with one classic after another. "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied" with the tradition of Nik emptying the on-stage garbage can, throwing skulls, bones and rats into the crowd. "Dance of the Dead" from the new album... "Hurricane Fighter Plane", "Tarot" and "RIP" before the encore.

Nik Fiend & banana

Stand by for action

Photos by :
Per-Ake Warn
Daniela Vorndran
Andreas Torneberg & Dirk B - Duester Art
Thanks to you all


Sept 23 : en route to Bielefeld..... last night was HOT in Hamburg - literally! very steamy gig... kicked off with Manic Depression!!! First outing for B.B.F.C. .... woooo!

Sept 24 : Blue sky from day grey gloom earlier - on the way to Berlin - Bielefeld got a first time EVER rendition of Seconds To Nowhere (from Maximum Security) dedicated to Moz...

Sept 25 : Berlin got a special extended version of BBFC in the encore - ....Now in Bochum... last show has come so quickly (ooh er missus!)....

Sept 26 : Another hot n sweaty one in Bochum last nite... over 2 hour set - played Comatose & Smells Like.... now back in Blighty & needing some SLEEP!

Record store

Meanwhile in a record store window...

Three Fiends on the ferry ... watching the skies...
the orange blob on the right is the moon!
L to R : Gonzo - Nik - Mrs F

Nik Fiend backstage

Nik painting himself - all over -
backstage in Bielefeld

Thanks to Moz & Andy 456 for photos

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