Nik Fiend in Leipzig

Photo : Per-Ake Warn

live in GERMANY (Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt)
POLAND (Castle Party Festival)
& BELGIUM (Bruges)
July 2012

Alien Sex Fiend in Leipzig
Alien Sex Fiend in Leipzig (L to R : Mrs Fiend, Nik Fiend, Mat "Pod", Doc Milton)

Nik Fiend


Mrs Fiend: Nik scared the shit outta me when he first appeared like this with blood dripping down his bonce...

Nik & Mrs Fiend

Castle Party, Poland

It literally pissed down with rain which STOPPED as Alien Sex Fiend took the stage. After the show was over - the rain started again!

Mrs Fiend in Poland

Mrs Fiend during the Fiend classic
"R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)"

Nik Fiend in Bruges

The flying skull at the top of this photo was not "pasted in using Photoshop"- it really happened that way!

Nik Fiend in Bruges

Nik Fiend in Bruges

Doc Milton

No Gonzo has NOT had a haircut - it's Doc Milton!

Alien Sex Fiend in Leipzig
They all call me crazee, They all call ME crazee....

Each show had a different set of songs, here's a list :

(They All Call Me) Crazee
I Walk The Line
Manic Depression
Depravity Lane
Hurricane Fighter Plane
Get Into It
In And Out Of My Mind
Dance Of The Dead
I'm Doing Time In  A Maximum Security Twilight Home
E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)
Gotta Have It
Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied
Land Of The Living Dead
Smells Like...
Get Into It
Ignore The Machine
R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)

Yes you read it right - not only "I'm Doing Time..." but also "Depravity Lane" & "Crazee" had their first airings in a VERY long time......

Nik Fiend in Bruges

Space Cadet quote "Alien Sex Fiend songs never go "wrong" live - they just go W  E  I  R D  - in a REALLY good way!! "

Mrs Fiend

Mrs Fiend & her "analogue armada"

Nik Fiend at Castle Party

Nik Fiend at Castle Party, Bolkow, Poland

Mrs Fiend & Mat at Castle Party

Mat "Pod" with his stethoscope on the drum machine whilst
Mrs Fiend twiddles her echo unit

The original "plan" was that all the newer people we were working with would get a good "run in" with the Spain dates back in May before we hit Germany (Berlin, Leipzig & Frankfurt) , then the Castle Party Festival in Poland & Bruges in Belgium at the end of July ... - Hah! EVERYTHING changed.....even the live band line-up!!!

The full story of this tour would be very long with so many twists & turns, strange coincidences - (or were they???) & unforeseen events that it would end up being filed under "Believe It Or Not" ... but here are parts of the tale...

The story starts a few weeks beforehand in early July when we got together with - ta daa! - Doc Milton!!! (from the infamous "Too Much Acid?", "Curse" albums n tours & he played guitar on "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied") - (how this meet-up came about is a whole other long story!) - so we got the ol' Jack Daniels out & had a bit of a twang through some songs, & had a great time - we hadn't played together in 20 years - coincidentally almost to the day - the last show being early July1992 in the US - but it really felt like it was last week..... At that point we were hoping that both he & Gonzo would be able to do the shows, swop about on guitar etc, but then Gonzo was unable to come.... so frantic phone calls to Doc - Can you do all the shows? Yep! Sez he... Great! What songs can you remember? - Loads! Sez he. Right - let's get a list together sez Nik....Cue Mrs Fiend madly programming the drum machine beats in for songs like "Depravity Lane" & "Crazee" just days before leaving for the shows! We'd only played 5 songs with Doc at that initial meet-up in early July so quite what was going to happen on-stage was venturing into the unknown - in true Fiend-style! - but it was certainly going to be an adventure & everyone was very excited at the prospect.... Mat "Pod" (from "Flashbacks" live album) was originally going to do out-front sound but instead (due to another long story) he got drafted to help out with technical on-stage stuff & also to make a few extra bizarre noises & wacky sound effects... we hadn't played with him for around 14 years - but again it was like it was only yesterday... Further, Mat & Doc had never met before - let alone played together! In a way it was a "new" old line-up! - a new configuration... but Alien Sex Fiend has always been about "being in the moment"...

All sorts of strange shit kept happening both before leaving as well as during the tour - the tour manager broke her foot & couldn't do all the dates, in addition to a "new" band-line up we also had a new guy on sound, a different person on lighting & then a 2nd one who took over for Belgium (who by the way was very pissed off that it was the last show & that there wasn't another one the next day!), some of Mrs Fiend's equipment was affected by the heat & Nik injured his shoulder (it's all better now!) - BUT instead of it all going tits up - (& how it didn't we will never know - Alien Sex Fiend is definitely a fuckin' weird outfit!) everyone got stuck in & worked their collective bollox off & everything fell into place as if it was meant to be... we all had a great time & all of the shows were wild experiences to savour.... & if you were there you know what we're talking about!! & if you weren't maybe the photos will give you a small taster...

A big THANK YOU to all the promoters, venues & staff
for looking after us so well.

Thanks to
Per-Ake Warn at
Marcin Watemborski /
Marquis Xavier
Stefaan Timmermans

Nik Fiend

Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied...

Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt shows


Thursday 26th July - K17, Berlin
Address :
Pettenkoferstr. 17a, 10247 Berlin
Support : Brigade Rosse
Doors open : 20.00h
Tickets : 24 Euros (Advance)
Ticket website :

Friday 27th July - Anker, Leipzig
Address :
Renftstr. 1 (ehem. Knopstr. 1), 04159 Leipzig
Doors open : 20.30h
Tickets : 26 Euros (Advance)
Ticket website :
& also from
(they say they have cheaper booking fees!)

(Saturday 28th July - Castle Party Festival, Poland)
(see below for more info)

Monday 30th July - Batschkapp, Frankfurt
Address :
Maybachstr. 24 60433 Frankfurt Main
Doors open : 19.00h
Tickets : 22 Euros (Advance)
Ticket website :

Germany Poster

at Castle Party Festival, Bolkow

Castle Party Flyer



Saturday 28th July

Venue : Castle Party Festival
Address : Castle Bolkow, Ksiecia Bolka, 59-420 Bolków, Poland
Other acts on Saturday : Hocico, Pink Turns Blue, Spiritual Front Other acts at Festival : Combichrist, Blutengel, Leaether Strip & many more!
Ticket Website : Tickets
Note : Festival runs from 26th to 29th July
Tickets are available either for the whole festival
or for just ONE DAY for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

For more details check out the website at CASTLE PARTY

This festival is held in the grounds of Castle Bolkow. One of the organisers says "Castle Party is a very special festival, it is about the audience & the venue's energy. We all need to experience magic moments & this is the main reason why we do this festival."

31st July - Brugge - Entrepot/Factor


Tuesday 31st July

Venue : Het Entrepot/Factor
Bruges (Brugge), Belgium

Address : Binnenweg, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
Support : Aroma Di Amore & Flesh & Fell
plus After Show Party
Doors open : 18.30h
Tickets : 30 Euros (Advance)
Ticket website : Tickets
Tickets also on sale in over 400
Primera shops in The Netherlands

Alien Sex Fiend Brugge Flyer

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