Nik Fiend in Barcelona

Photo : Joan Viñas The Scrap Mag

live in SPAIN
May 2012

Barcelona, Madrid EBM Festival & Valencia


Thursday 24th May - Sala KGB, Barcelona
Address :
Alegre de Dalt, 55, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona
Support : Angel Molina Special Dark DJ Set

Friday 25th May - La Riviera, Madrid
(EBM All-nighter Festival !)
Address :
Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto, 28005 Madrid
Support : Martin Degville's Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic
Plus Dark & Electro DJs from 12.30 to 6am !

Saturday 26th May - La3, Valencia
Address :
Calle del Padre Porta 2, 46024 Valencia
Support : 747 Federales
Post Party with DJs Catalina Isis + Gemma Putilatex + more

Valencia Billboard

Check out the cool billboard on this big building in Valencia!
Photo taken by the light of a Full Moon - with thanks to Juan at La3

Madrid Flyer

EBM Festival, Madrid


Stage Set in Barcelona

Part of stage set in Barcelona
Photo : Joan Viñas The Scrap Mag

Mrs Fiend in Madrid

Soundcheck in Madrid - Mrs Fiend, Gonzo in background
Photo : Sir Moz

ASF in Barcelona

Nik Fiend & Gonzo
Photo : Joan Viñas The Scrap Mag

Review of Barcelona show by Scrap Magazine
(Extract) "Best of all was to see the alien couple & after 30 years they still have the ability to provoke and surprise, they made the whole of the KGB dance and jump to the sound of their mythical songs. It's now a week exactly since the concert, and I would love to repeat the experience. LONG LIFE TO THE FIEND!"

Alien Sex Fiend in Valencia

Alien Sex Fiend in Valencia
Photo : BauAsekas & CementerioPutrefacto80s (via Facebook)

Nik & Mrs Fiend write :
Spain was hot, hot, hot - it was the least clothing we've had on for ages!!! & OF COURSE there was a heatwave in the UK (just like last time 4 years ago!) while we were away... on our return the rain & cold started again! & it hasn't stopped since! Bleeauurghh!

Here are a few photos from our "fantastico" time en Espana...We had a brilliant epic road trip, travelling down through France and up and over spectacular mountains - the Pyrenees... Amazing scenery! woo-hoo! & again on the way back... we even fitted in a quick visit to Dali's museum....

Great gigs in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia... Met up wiv our amigos...played different songs in the set every night..... A number of the fans we met were very emotional, they kept thanking us for playing there & told us how much it meant to them to see us live... we were told before we went -"Why bother touring Spain? The record business has collapsed there"... well we did so because we tour for reasons other than simply "to sell records" - we play shows for the fans who want to see us, & we hope that at the very least we cheered up some of the Spanish people who are undergoing a difficult time right now ...

Thumbs up to our crew (The Space Cadets) - who included a few newbies amongst their number - they had their work cut out, bless 'em! we have to say you ALL did a great job... Thanks also to Nono & Pat in Barcelona, Manuel in Madrid, Juan, Isis & DJ Tony Vidal in Valencia & all the other venue staff & crews - without whom!...

Nik Fiend in Valencia

Nik Fiend wearing "Sunglasses After Dark"!
Photo : CeboGarciaRivas (via Facebook)

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