Nik Fiend at Amphi

Photo : Frank Buttenbender

Live at Amphi Festival, Germany
20th July 2013

Saturday July 20th 2013


20th July 2013

Nik Fiend at Amphi Festival --- Photo credit : Frank Buttenbender

Alien Sex Fiend at Amphi

Alien Sex Fiend at Amphi Festival : L to R Mrs Fiend, Mrs Fiend, Mat Pod (behind Nik), Doc Milton
Photo credit : Daniela Vorndran

Mrs Fiend writes:
Do we go on & play a "rocker" straight off? No, we go all WEIRD n spacey instead - heheheh..."Amnesia" - a new idea we just started working on - which ran into "Mad Daddy Drives A U.F.O." (a track from our "Curse" album we've never played live before - ever!) it's a cover version of The Cramps' song "Mystery Plane" & Nik dedicated it to Lux and Ivy - without whom .... then I sped the beat up & we morphed into "E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)".... then "Ignore The Machine" which was having its 30th anniversary - yes we recorded our 1st single 30 years ago! (see story below) eek! Time flies eh wot?
Then "Hurricane" & "Attack" - which prompted Sir Moz to leap excitedly into the air in a most unprofessional manner befitting a keys tech - heheh - nice one! "Zombiefied" & "Dance Of The Dead" followed. Because time was short after "I Walk The Line" there was no point arsing about leaving the stage, farting about for a bit & then mincing back on for an "encore" so we carried straight on & played "Smells Like..." - needless to say it was a "steamer" (ahem!) - as in steaming shit? Oh well - please yersleves!
Tickets for the Saturday were sold out some weeks in advance. We heard that people had come from as far away as Australia, Russia, South America for the festival... Big thanks to everyone who made the journey to see us whether that was a few kilometres or thousands of miles!
My vintage analogue gear is great fun - especially when the power gets TURNED OFF! - NOT! (aaarrghhh) & add to that the extremely high temperatures on-stage - some of my keyboards' tuning goes off as the heat increases - which is a challenge (ha!) BUT at least our sounds ain't on computers - when we play live - it is EXACTLY that - LIVE!!!

Mrs Fiend at Amphi

Mrs Fiend

Nik Fiend at Amphi

Nik Fiend

Set List

Amphi Set List

Photo credit : Frank Buttenbender

With thanks to Daniela Vorndran and Frank Buttenbender for the photos
More Alien Sex Fiend Photos at Amphi by Daniela Vorndran
More Frank Buttenbender photos

Amphi Festival 2013

Amphi 2013 flyer

Amphi venue

View of Tanzbrunnen, the festival site (without all the people!). On the left
is the spectacular river Rhine. Towards the back you can see trees which
are part of a large park area running alongside the site.
More photos of venue & general info on venue


Saturday 20th July 2013

Venue : Amphi Festival, Tanzbrunnen
Address : Tanzbrunnen, Rheinparkweg 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany
Tickets : Tickets are available for ONE DAY only
(either Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st) or for the whole WEEKEND.
CAMPING tickets are also available.
FREE Parking.
Ticket Websites : Tickets are on sale NOW at Amphi Ticketshop & from EVENTIM / CTS pre-sales offices in Germany & Eventim website
Alien Sex Fiend Show Time : Alien Sex Fiend will play the midnight headliner
Alien Sex Fiend venue : ASF will play the indoor Staatenhaus venue (after the Castle Party rain last year that will be a relief to the audience!)
Bands on Saturday 20th of July 2013 include :
Alien Sex Fiend, Agonoize, Atari Teenage Riot, De/Vision, Faderhead, Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation & more.
Bands on Sunday 21th of July 2013 include :
Anne Clark, Diary Of Dreams, Die Form, Fields Of The Nephilim, Icon Of Coil, Umbra Et Imago, & more.
Times : Running Order & Times are yet to be 100% confirmed.
Ages : Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by parent or adult (with written authorisation). Over 16 and under 18 years of age must leave the event´s venue at midnight UNLESS accompanied by parents or an adult (with written authorisation) more info
Disabled : Wheelchair users can use the large wheelchair accessible ranks on the left side of the stage. Toilets for disabled persons are available. more info

Lots more helpful info including travel info for airports, rail & car.

More info
Amphi Festival site (also in English)
Full list of bands playing at the festival
Amphi on Facebook
Preview Of Amphi Festival at Reflections Of Darkness site

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