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- Greetings from Alien Sex Fiend

Happy Halloween

Meanwhile .....

Spotted in a supermarket... !!!

Halloween Cakes

and no, they didn't send us any free ones - the meanies!
But we did get a packet courtesy of our friend, Lizzie
- thank you to her & to everyone else who sent us pressies!
from Nik and Mrs Fiend

Saturday July 20th 2013
Photos, set list, Mrs Fiend writes...


20th July 2013

Nik Fiend at Amphi Festival --- Photo credit : Frank Buttenbender

Alien Sex Fiend at Amphi

Alien Sex Fiend at Amphi Festival : L to R Mrs Fiend, Mrs Fiend, Mat Pod (behind Nik), Doc Milton
Photo credit : Daniela Vorndran

Mrs Fiend writes:
Do we go on & play a "rocker" straight off? No, we go all WEIRD n spacey instead - heheheh..."Amnesia" - a new idea we just started working on - which ran into "Mad Daddy Drives A U.F.O." (a track from our "Curse" album we've never played live before - ever!) it's a cover version of The Cramps' song "Mystery Plane" & Nik dedicated it to Lux and Ivy - without whom .... then I sped the beat up & we morphed into "E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)".... then "Ignore The Machine" which was having its 30th anniversary - yes we recorded our 1st single 30 years ago! (see story below) eek! Time flies eh wot?
Then "Hurricane" & "Attack" - which prompted Sir Moz to leap excitedly into the air in a most unprofessional manner befitting a keys tech - heheh - nice one! "Zombiefied" & "Dance Of The Dead" followed. Because time was short after "I Walk The Line" there was no point arsing about leaving the stage, farting about for a bit & then mincing back on for an "encore" so we carried straight on & played "Smells Like..." - needless to say it was a "steamer" (ahem!) - as in steaming shit? Oh well - please yersleves!
Tickets for the Saturday were sold out some weeks in advance. We heard that people had come from as far away as Australia, Russia, South America for the festival... Big thanks to everyone who made the journey to see us whether that was a few kilometres or thousands of miles!
My vintage analogue gear is great fun - especially when the power gets TURNED OFF! - NOT! (aaarrghhh) & add to that the extremely high temperatures on-stage - some of my keyboards' tuning goes off as the heat increases - which is a challenge (ha!) BUT at least our sounds ain't on computers - when we play live - it is EXACTLY that - LIVE!!!

Mrs Fiend at Amphi

Mrs Fiend

Nik Fiend at Amphi

Nik Fiend

Set List

Amphi Set List

Photo credit : Frank Buttenbender

With thanks to Daniela Vorndran and Frank Buttenbender for the photos
More Alien Sex Fiend Photos at Amphi by Daniela Vorndran
More Frank Buttenbender photos


Exhibition runs until 7th December 2013

An exhibition of Judge Dredd (of 2000AD comic fame) related artwork is being held at the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe, North Lincs, U.K until December 7th 2013.
Includes the original "Here Cum Germs" artwork by Nik Fiend

Lawman of the future Judge Dredd has been patrolling the pages of the 'Galaxy's Greatest Comic' 2000AD since 1977. Policing the ultimate dystopia of Megacity One, Dredd and his colleagues arrest, sentence and dispense justice. Still working as the strong-arm of the law today, Judge Dredd has inspired generations of artists and writers, and has been the subject of two major movies. Half of the exhibition is original work from the comics (Judge Dredd Megazine & 2000AD) from artists such as Brian Bolland. The second section features award-winning painters, illustrators, sculptors, prop makers and film makers who were inspired by characters in the Dredd Universe, including Nik Fiend, whose original artwork for the "Here Cum Germs" album is part of the show.

The "Here Cum Germs" artwork is positioned with some Ian Gibson, Leigh Gallagher and David Millgate commissions featuring Mean Machine Angel and Judge Death.

There is also a covered plinth display featuring Jill The Ripper's spoof Alien Sex Fiend drawing which has Judge Death wearing a Nik Fiend T-shirt! Plus the "Here Cum Germs" 7 inch single cover showing Nik in his Judge Death T-shirt along with three adverts for ASF records from various 1987 issues of 2000AD .

Other info at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre & at Exhibitions
See Visitor info for travel, map & disabled access information

Exhibition updates will be posted on the
20-21 Visual Arts Centre page on Facebook

Here Cum Germs by Nik Fiend



Exhibition Dates : 12 October to 7 December 2013
Venue : 20-21 Visual Arts Centre
Address : Church Square, High Street, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 6TB, U.K.
Opening Times : Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm
Closed - Sundays and Mondays


15th - 17th of August 2014
Tickets on sale NOW

Use the discount code 'aliensexfiend' (all lower case) & get a further £10 discount off any sale!
Discount now extended until September 30th 2013
Super Early Bird Tickets available now

Northampton, U.K.
Friday 15th - Sunday 17th August 2014


Venue : Boughton House
Address : Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 1BJ, UK
Tickets : Tickets are currently available for the whole festival only.
Camping tickets are available for Thursday to Tuesday.
Ticket Website : Tickets are on sale NOW via
Alt-Fest Ticket shop (no booking fees)
Super Early Bird Tickets available now (save £100)
Group Buy Tickets are also available -
team up with your friends and get your 5th ticket FREE
Children 12 and under are free.

Use the discount code 'aliensexfiend' (all lower case)
& get a further £10 discount off any sale!
Discount now extended until Sept 30th 2013

Alien Sex Fiend will be headlining the Gothic Stage
(Day and time to be announced)
Bands so far include : (A to Z)
Alien Sex Fiend, Atari Teenage Riot, Covenant, Diary Of Dreams, Eisbrecher, Fields Of The Nephilim, Front 242, KMFDM, March Violets, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation and many many more..

Metal, Gothic, Industrial and Steampunk stages plus main stage with more headline acts still to be announced. Clubbing areas. Circus big top, with all day circus, side shows, burlesque and theatre. Plus art, workshops, shopping village, enchanted woodland and many other activities and attractions including a dedicated children's zone.

Lots more info on the Alt-Fest web site

Alt-Fest Flyer

Alt-Fest on Facebook
Alt-Fest Facebook Event
Alt-Fest on Twitter
Alt-Fest on Vampire Freaks


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30 YEARS AGO.....
The story behind the release, Nik Fiend writes...

Nik Fiend writes :

Kin HELL.......... IT's 30 Years Since "Ignore The Machine" woz released!!!!!!!!!
Here's some of the story behind it...
My mate Phil Langham had bin 2 c us play at The Batcave and asked us if we wanted to record a single for the newly set-up Anagram Record label (via Cherry Red Records). We woz originally thinking of recording "Wish I Woz A Dog" and I wanted Youth to produce the record, but he'd heard our The Lewd, The Mad and The Ugly and Old Nik cassette, and reckoned we were too mad, and didn't wanna commit!

Then we started playing new tune Ignore at gigs on the Batcave Tour in the UK, and did IT at our gig at Heaven (June 1983)... Unbeknown to us, Youth woz present... when the gig woz over and we were in the dressing room he came bursting in - along wiv Kris Needs - saying, I'll produce ya, the cross rhythms are great, ....and.. and!!!! I'm ready when u r maaaan! So after Youth (& Kris) ranted enthusiastically at us for a while - Mrs.Fiend managed to work out wot tune he woz raving about & it was Ignore The Machine.... it had been going down well at the gigs n all so we decided we woz gonna record that instead of Wish I Woz A Dog.... only problem was we forgot to tell Youth about changing our minds and it was a complete surprise to him when we got to the studio to record!!

Ignoe The Machine Advert

Ignore The Machine Advert from 1983

Ignore Cover Sketch

Nik Fiend's sketch for cover

Mrs F reminded him about the Heaven gig and it being his favourite song that night so he was all fired up about it then....
We didn't have a choice of which studio to book, we were told by the record company that IT had to be at Pineapple Studios in Southall, but we were so over the moon to be doing our 1st single, that we just went along wiv IT...
I always woz a big fan of Youth's, and the chance to work together woz a dream come true... he was asking wot sort of sound we were after, and I mentioned about Dub and Echo, and he was well up for that!
During the playback of Ignore, i actually felt like i woz levitating!!! It sounded unbelievable, i woz lying on the floor of the studio... and felt like I woz floating...

Anagram (the record company) hadn't agreed to pay Pineapple the extra money for the big 24 track master tape - a reel of 24 master tape in those days was about £90 (a lot back then!) - only the money for the mixdown tape had been agreed.. I always used to make sure I got all of the master tapes after a recording session & so I argued about it & even got me credit card out to hold onto the master but they wouldn't have it ....

So we had to reluctantly leave the 24 track master tape behind & were only allowed to leave with copies of the mixes on cassette...
Eventually the mixdown tape went to the cutting room to create the vinyl masters but by the time the studio bill was settled Pineapple - in their infinite wisdom - had recorded over the top of the Ignore The Machine 24 track master!!!!! erasing a bit of history in the process.

We were just setting out as a recording band, and we were just one of a string of bands making singles, so the studio didn't care about erasing a master... it was fairly common practice back then - such masters were "hired" & then re-used....

When Sanny X remixed Ignore for the 1985 Electrode Mix, he had to use 2 copies of the Ignore 12 inch to do his mix, cos there was no master available.... Sanny X managed to do an awesome job anyway!

Youth i'm sure would still be remixing Ignore to this day, if there was a master to work from, he has often said it's his favourite tune - something well magical happened that day for sure.

The bosses at Anagram/Cherry Red record company had wanted to edit Ignore saying It was toooo long, cos music was still punky back then and anyfing over 3 mins was considered too long... it was still pre-dance clubs and all that... but Youth was on our side (thank gawd!) & so it remained as we'd recorded it - full length - at 6 mins plus..

Ignore Cover Photo

Original photo for cover by Linda Rowell (aka Lugosi)

Alien Sex Fiend 1983

Alien Sex Fiend band photo by Linda Rowell (aka Lugosi)
L to R: Mrs Fiend, Johnnie HaHa, Nik Fiend, Yaxi (with Luney)

Mrs.Fiend and I stayed up playing the test pressing, and remember the sun coming up at dawn as IT opened wiv "Sunarise come every morning....."

The cover to Ignore was next...
I had done a sketch of a chicken being crucified on a cross...
the next day We awoke to the loud sound of banging!
Mrs. Fiend goes "wot the fuck's that noise"...???!!!!????
Yaxi and Johnnie had bin out to the butchers and got a chicken!!! and some nails and wood n'all... and had made my picture come to life... we erected a shrine and stuck the chicken on the cross in the middle of various heads and all sorts of weird stuff we had, then I went off and phoned our mate, photographer Linda Rowell (Lugosi) to see if she could come and take photos of The Chicken, then we all ended up havin' photos taken wiv the chicken which were used on the front cover of the 12 inch.

Here's the group pic (on the left) taken wiv our Black cat Luney being held by Yaxi in the photo.

Ignore steamed up the Indie charts, gaining more momentum and popularity as the weeks rolled on...
Ending up at No.1... which is unbelievable...
What was funny later was that as Ignore proved to be more and more popular, and getting a USA release into the bargain, and hitting all the top New York/LA clubs, Cherry Red/Anagram then wanted us to go back in the studio and make an Ignore The Machine No 2 as a follow up!! fuck me... A!

Did You Know? Fiend Fact
Copyright laws enforced the removal of the picture of Herman Munster (The Munsters 1960s TV show) from the back cover of the U.S. release! So if yours has a blank space that's where Herman should be!

More about Ignore The Machine on the Discography Page

Ignore The Machine 7 inch single

Ignore The Machine 12 inch single

Ignore The Machine
7 inch single
Original 1983 release

Ignore The Machine
12 inch single
Original 1983 release


Various Artists Compilation, out now, includes Alien Sex Fiend track "Oops! Wrong Planet"

The newest instalment of the compilation series which accompanies the annual Amphi Festival in Cologne, Germany, features a line-up that reads like a "who's who“ of the international Gothic and Electro scene. This year’s sampler puts a stronger focus on the electronic side of things and features an impressive selection of the most important bands. The diversity of other musical genres within the scene, from Gothic Rock, via Batcave to Medieval, are also well represented. An ideal companion and souvenir for this year’s spectacle, it is also an interesting overview of what today’s scene has to offer… The Alien Sex Fiend track is "Oops! Wrong Planet" (taken from the Death Trip album). (Extract - with thanks to Out Of Line)

Released by Out Of Line, Germany. Out now.

More info and full track listing

Amphi Festival Sampler 2013 CD

Amphi Fest 2013 CD


Scheduled release date 6th May - Pre-order NOW 

Release Date: 6th May 2013
via Cherry Red Records

This release has been designed as a "starting point" or "introductory" compilation to the music of the iconic band, Alien Sex Fiend. Offered at a low retail price, this CD's 16 tracks cover ASF's music from their first single "Ignore The Machine", classics like "I Walk the Line" & "Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied" through to 1994's "Inferno". (Note: No 13th Moon Records tracks are included, this is a Cherry Red/Anagram based collection only)

Nik & Mrs Fiend

Photo credit : Scottie

Track Listing :
Ignore The Machine
Lips Can't Go
I Walk The Line
R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)
New Christian Music
Dead And Buried
E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)
I’m Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home
Smells Like … / Here Cum Germs
Stuff The Turkey / Wild Women
Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied
Bun Ho! / Haunted House

Between Good & Evil CD

(will be shipped when stock arrives)
from Blue Crumb Truck online store

Cherry Red say "PressPlay is a brand new Cherry Red label which offers the perfect introduction to the music of its most popular artists at a competitive price. From 70s prog to punk, vintage ska to rock’n’roll, 60s beat to 80s indie, PressPlay’s "The Collection” range will complement the existing Cherry Red labels by combining great value-for-money with the best music from a wide range of iconic cult bands /artists. Each compilation offers the ideal starting place for the general music fan."


from BBC TV Halloween programme

Dangerous Minds web site has a feature by Rod Connolly entitled "Children Of The Night" which includes 3 films about early 1980s goth clubs.

Extracts from the feature :
"Here’s a treat for you : three films chronicling the early 80s British Goth club scene while it was in its infancy. Offering (mostly) untampered footage shot directly from the dance floors and stages, the films vary in length from 8 minutes to over two hours. The first film is a BBC promo for the infamous London haunt The Batcave, which was originally broadcast on Halloween, 1983. Ok, the Vincent Price/William Castle inserts are cheesy as hell, but there’s some great footage of Alien Sex Fiend performing live to make up for it. The second film covers a night out at Manchester’s Devilles in 1983. And finally, The Height Of Goth, subtitled A Night at the Xclusiv nightclub, Batley, West Yorkshire includes some good interviews to keep you entertained.

Photo credit : Tony Mottram

Alien Sex Fiend in 1983


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Saturday July 20th 2013
Tickets on sale NOW

Amphi Festival 2013

Amphi 2013 flyer

Amphi venue

View of Tanzbrunnen, the festival site (without all the people!). On the left
is the spectacular river Rhine. Towards the back you can see trees which
are part of a large park area running alongside the site.
More photos of venue & general info on venue


Saturday 20th July 2013

Venue : Amphi Festival, Tanzbrunnen
Address : Tanzbrunnen, Rheinparkweg 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany
Tickets : Tickets are available for ONE DAY only
(either Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st) or for the whole WEEKEND.
CAMPING tickets are also available.
FREE Parking.
Ticket Websites : Tickets are on sale NOW at Amphi Ticketshop & from EVENTIM / CTS pre-sales offices in Germany & Eventim website
Alien Sex Fiend Show Time : Alien Sex Fiend will play the midnight headliner
Alien Sex Fiend venue : ASF will play the indoor Staatenhaus venue (after the Castle Party rain last year that will be a relief to the audience!)
Bands on Saturday 20th of July 2013 include :
Alien Sex Fiend, Agonoize, Atari Teenage Riot, De/Vision, Faderhead, Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation & more.
Bands on Sunday 21th of July 2013 include :
Anne Clark, Diary Of Dreams, Die Form, Fields Of The Nephilim, Icon Of Coil, Umbra Et Imago, & more.
Times : Running Order & Times are yet to be 100% confirmed.
Ages : Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by parent or adult (with written authorisation). Over 16 and under 18 years of age must leave the event´s venue at midnight UNLESS accompanied by parents or an adult (with written authorisation) more info
Disabled : Wheelchair users can use the large wheelchair accessible ranks on the left side of the stage. Toilets for disabled persons are available. more info

Lots more helpful info including travel info for airports, rail & car.

More info
Amphi Festival site (also in English)
Full list of bands playing at the festival
Amphi on Facebook
Preview Of Amphi Festival at Reflections Of Darkness site


1st December 2012 - Boston Dome, London, UK
Photos, set list, reviews, Nik & Mrs Fiend write...

Nik Fiend - London 30th Annivesary Show

Nik Fiend of Alien Sex Fiend

Above photos : Per-Ake Warn

Extracts from Frequency Review

"It’s all just about as awesome as you could
possibly want it to be"

Thirty years ago, thirty years ago to the very day, the original power couple of electro-goth, Nik Fiend and his wife, erm, Mrs Fiend, unveiled their psychedelic horror show for the first, and for what they admit they believed would also be the last, time. And somehow they’re still here, thirty years on. And it’s time for a party.

The years drop away like the limbs of a zombie who’s just had Bruce Campbell show up unannounced with a chainsaw... within the first couple of songs it’s like a particularly weird episode of Dr Who, where we’ve all been sent back in time and it’s the golden age of Fiendishness again... A swirling morass of psychobilly guitars, electro beats, horror visuals and punk attitude. And it’s only when you hear them all back to back again that you remember just how many great songs Alien Sex Fiend have. “Smells Like…”, “Dead And Buried,” “Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied…” and it seems like they play them ALL in an insane three-hour marathon.... and it’s PRETTY FUCKING SWEET.

By the end, when there are thank-you speeches and the offer of cake (yeah, cake! Remember, kids, it’s a made-up drug…), Nik’s a king celebrating his jubilee bedecked in razor wire and drowning in stage blood, and it’s all just about as awesome as you could possibly want it to be.

I know you never went away, but welcome back anyway, Nik. And the Mrs.

Written by DEUTERONEMU 90210
(whose brain is now in the cupboard!)

Read the Frequency review in full

Thanks to Frequency

Nik Fiend, Mrs Fiend & Doc Milton

Nik Fiend, Mrs Fiend (background), Doc Milton (silhouette)

Nik Fiend & the famous IT book

Nik Fiend & the famous "IT" book
(it looks as if Mrs Fiend's hand is working Nik via the top of his hat! -
It's a PUPPET !!!)
Photo credit : Ben Guiver

Nik and Mrs Fiend write about the 30th Anniversary show...


30th anniversary set list

Nik Fiend's actual set list, which he decorated post-show

We tried to include something from every album -
we think we only missed out Open Head Surgery - but because we wanted to play songs that we'd played at that 1st Batcave gig - such as "I Am A Product" & "Attack" - something had to give!

Mrs Fiend writes :

I think we've all only just got over quite what a monumental night the 1st December 2012 was! The original plan - although admittedly it was a bit vague (!) - was that we'd play 2 sets of around 90 minutes each, with an intermission (30 mins or so?) about half way through.... BUT on the night there was news that there was some sort of breakdown on the Underground / Tube trains.... bugger! Everyone was concerned that if we kicked off our first set at the planned time a lot of people were going to miss a lot of IT... SO it was decided to delay proceedings & instead of us getting a "lie down" during the 30 minutes intermission we were gonna hafta keep rocking for a full 3 hours.... could we do it?? OF COURSE! It's The Fiends you're talking about here!! We ain't wimps! We can pass out afterwards instead!... Eventually we got the word that the trains were back in action - wahey! - & off we went stage-wards....

Mat Pod, Nik Fiend, Doc Milton

Mat "Pod", Nik Fiend, & Doc Milton
who are all looking over at Mrs Fiend - but why?

Alien Sex Fiend's cake

The 3 foot high 30th Anniversary Cake

As presented to Alien Sex Fiend in Whitby
at the WGW, (thanks to Choccywoccydoodah)
made an appearance on-stage with an
accompanying speech from Richard...
More about the cake presentation at WGW

By our reckoning our anniversary cake weighed
over 13 kg - the head on its own was about 4kg! There were 10 layers of cake within.
Luckily we didn't attempt the original
(vague! again! ho hum) plan to cut it up
back-stage during the post show meet & greet because it would've made one helluva mess.
We sorted it out back at Fiend HQ
& parcels of cake winged their way
via the post to crew & friends
til it was all gone...

Nik Fiend writes :

We can only feel humbled by all the support Alien Sex Fiend has had over all these years! Fiend fans came from far & wide for this final gig of 2012 A.D. & our 30th Anniversary Show, they had travelled from South Africa, the U.S.A., Germany, France, Holland, Ireland.... & that's just the ones that we heard of, or managed to say hi to post show. And wot a nite IT woz! A right ol' knees-up. FINALLY we got to play freely without hitting a curfew & runnin' outta time... we ended up playing for 3 hours 20 minutes, which for us flew past as quick as anyfing... Mrs Fiend even managed to get her geetar strapped on & fuzz us out of existence wiv "My Brain Is In The Cupboard" from 1987 followed by the very first ASF tune "Boneshaker Baby" from 1982 (!) which turned the Dome into a full-on mosh pit - pulsating psychobilly reverberations a go-go... The gig elevated us to new heights, beyond anyfing I could have thought... or expected... - a huge THANK YOU goes to our crew "The Space Cadets" (both old & new) who all came together from across the UK & Europe to help put on such an amazing & memorable gig .

It was fantastic to meet up / work with all sorts of people that we've known since our early days... some were at that very first Batcave gig! During the after show party we got to do a bit of a meet n greet - thanks to everyone who brought us various presents, cheers (hic!) to Alec & Tina for the back-stage champagne, to Debbie, Phil, Porl & Gail, to Tez for "being there", & to the audience who joined in the night's celebrations.

Mrs Fiend

Cos she is "off on one" & looking in the other direction!
Mrs Fiend photo by Ben Guiver

Extracts from Ave Noctem Review

"Gig of the year"

30 years of The Fiend, wow doesn’t time fly, like a bat! I have loved this band for a very long time myself and had been looking forward to this somewhat rare performance from the Fiend, one that was going to be a celebration and one that was going to be host to many of their great songs from the past as well as no doubt a smattering of newer ones. The stage looked absolutely fantastic, dressed to the hilt with the accoutrements of the Fiend’s stage show. It was littered with webs and bones and bins and dolls and all manner of ghastly things that were no doubt going to be put to use later. I have fond memories of being almost brained by a plastic bone launched off the stage at the Whitby Dracfest back in (apparently) 1997.

The sound it has to be said was fantastic, the clarity of it all brilliant. Things were bouncing us about like a spring loaded, booby trapped trampoline and it did not take much to get the crowd dancing away to the songs that we all knew and loved. Strobes and lights mesmerised us and massive bursts of pulsating energy blew out the speakers and to cap it all the singer decided to roll around the stage, not acting his age in the slightest. For every up there is a down but ‘Manic Depression’ - yep some of us do get it every day - had me grinning like a loon. We had been told to expect some numbers that had not been played in many a moon and one I cannot even remember if I have ever heard live was ‘In And Out Of My Mind’ wow, was really not expecting that and indeed it is still there, working its way around what little mind I have left. The depressive, repetitive beats backed up the ghostly pulsating atmosphere nicely.

Nik took brief time out to thank us all for coming and as ever acted with a noticeable humble demeanour as chuffed as we were that they were still doing this after three decades. White noise and full on epilepsy inducing strobes took us to another dimension, no other word can sum it up better that “wow!”. “Bats In The Belfry, meet me at the altar, like a little lamb lead me to the slaughter.“ Did anyone here not know the words to Attack? Doubtful by the sound of it and if the band had an anthem would it possibly be their Bela Lugosi? I think it is very likely and judging by the reaction it was a song we expected and the one that ASF probably could not have got away leaving out their set. We seriously did the bossanova!

Gig of the year!

Written by Pete Woods

Read the Ave Noctem review in full

Thanks to Ave Noctem

Alien Sex Fiend

Mat "Pod" in background with a blood splattered Doc Milton
Photo credit : Pete Woods

Nik Fiend

Crazier still...
More Ben Guiver photos on Flickr

Big thanks to Doc Milton (guitar) & Mat "Pod"
(noises & perc) for joining us on-stage to share in the anniversary wig out...

We are indebted to the "regular" space cadets - JB, Paul,
OB, Moz, Per-Ake... without whom... !
Thanks also to everyone who worked hard behind the scenes - our extra crew - Ross (a Batcave gig original!), Herbie, Susie, Linda, Tina & Andy from Germany, Karen, Johnnie, The Wolfman,
& last - but by no means least - Richard Smith...
As well as the promoters, the DJs, & the sound, light & venue crew - especially Mick Monsta, Frankie D, Jon Briggs, Martin Oldgoth...
& if we've forgotten anyone, our sincere apolologies (sic)
but parts of the event were - understandably -
a "bit of a blur"!!

Fiendish blessings to you all...
Nik & Mrs Fiend

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